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The Reciprocity Ring is a one-time, face-to-face or virtual exercise that makes asking for and offering help easy. Learn how to put these principles into action every day using Givitas, a scalable technology platform that makes it easy to ask for help.


Nearly 100,000 people in more than 15 countries have participted.


Used in corporations like Deloitte, Dow, Goldman Sachs and Google.


It is currently used in 17 of the top 20 business schools in America and abroad.

Adam Grant Givitas co-founder

"The Reciprocity Ring is a revolutionary exercise in corporate give and take—a remarkable experience that changes the way we see helping, problem-solving, and social networks."

–Adam Grant, author of Give and Take

About the Reciprocity Ring

The Reciprocity Ring is a dynamic group exercise that applies the “pay-it-forward” principle to your team or group while creating and cementing high-quality connections.

People who use the Reciprocity Ring get the information they need and solve real problems, both personal and professional. Moreover, it energizes a group, creating strong relationships that help individuals and organizations.

Proven and reliable, the Reciprocity Ring is also simple, systematic, and scalable. It can be used with groups ranging from 12 to 500. To date, nearly 100,000 people have used this powerful exercise, including executives, managers, and professionals in many different types of companies, industries, and locations around the world.

Reality-Based Results

The Reciprocity Ring does not deal in hypotheticals — its performance is backed up with hard data from real-world experience. We record and track the results of the Ring:

  • Monetary values of benefits achieved typically exceeds $150,000
  • Time saved by participants typically exceeds 1,600 hours.
  • The exercise builds community, strengthening the network of relationships among participants.
  • Real business benefits are achieved.

The Reciprocity Ring is transformative — and informative. Not only will you learn solutions to your issues, but you’ll also learn more about your colleagues and co-workers.

The Reciprocity Ring Can Be Done Virtually or Face-to-Face

The Reciprocity Ring was traditionally done as a face-to-face, in-person group exercise.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing remote-working trends, we have developed an equally powerful virtual version of the activity that can be performed with remote participants using our training materials and video conferencing.


  • Break into small groups of up to 24 per group
  • Each group has a facilitator
  • Groups do either one or two rounds of requests and offers
  • We provide all training and materials


  • Uses videoconferencing technology and the Givitas platform to capture and visualize requests and offers
  • Can be done in one class or session or split over two sessions
  • We provide everything you need, including facilitator training, a Givitas platform, and presentation.

Givitas Brings the Power of Reciprocity Ring Every Day

While the Reciprocity Ring is a one-time, dynamic group exercise, Givitas is a software platform that puts its principles into practice on a daily basis.

Givitas participants make requests and offers just as they do in a Reciprocity Ring, but they do so every day, spending less than 5 minutes a day connecting with others and building a giving culture, but doing so on an ongoing basis.

  • The Reciprocity Ring is a one-time, team-building exercise that can be done in person or virtually.
  • Givitas is a knowledge sharing platform built for exchanging help, advice, and connections every day, and takes less than 5 minutes a week to use.
The Reciprocity Ring The Virtual Reciprocity Ring Givitas
One-time exercise x x
Requires in-person participation x
Dynamic group exercise for events x x
Builds or reinforces a giving culture x x x
Improves relationships x x x
Increases efficiency x x x
Improves knowledge sharing x x x
Makes asking for help easy and safe x x x
Enables efficient helping x x x
Continuous, ongoing knowledge sharing x
Appropriate for remote groups x x
Captures organizational memory x
Implants habits of giving + gratitude x
Takes less than 5 min/week x
On-demand usage + network analytics x x


  • "The benefit of the virtual Reciprocity Ring was in its humanizing participants to one another. Given the number of nationalities, skin tones, and accents in this group, strengthening these connections is huge. The students now know each other as supporting their mutual success and having valuable knowledge to share."

    Richard Wilkinson University of Washington, Tacoma
  • "My team and I found the Give and Take staff to be good partners in tailoring the Reciprocity Ring experience to our needs.”

    Lisa Hughes Harvard Business School Executive MBA Program
  • "We include the Reciprocity Ring as an exercise in our ‘Fundamentals’ workshop within our High Performing Team program…team members are amazed at the responses they receive."

    Carol S. Maskin, M.D. Vice President Product Realization/Drug Innovation & Approval
  • “We've used the Reciprocity Ring with our students for years to further embed giving into the culture of the school. When we moved to online classes we shifted to the Virtual Reciprocity Ring and found it to be a seamless transition that still allows our students to access resources, build community and connections, and learn about the power of giving as a networking tool. Our students have reported that the virtual version is even better than the in-person activity.”

    Bill McEvily University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.
  • "Whether I am training CEOs, sales people, law partners, women or men, or international students, the Reciprocity Ring is golden."

    Brian Uzzi Professor of Management and Organizations, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • "The Reciprocity Ring sounds almost too good to be true, but I twice have had the opportunity to be part of these exercises and have been stunned not only by what people can do to help others, but by what I was able to contribute. Giving can indeed be contagious."

    Psychology Today
  • "These exercises demonstrated social capital concepts very well and made quite an impression. For my first exercise, I asked for a somewhat easy request. The second exercise I submitted was a very detailed and work-oriented request. I was amazed - I received three solid leads. Others were equally impressed. Bottom line - these exercises were well worth the time to demonstrate the concept, significantly aid team building and last but not least were fun."

    Ford Executive
  • "My team and I found the Give and Take staff to be good partners in tailoring the Reciprocity Ring experience to our needs.”

    Lisa Hughes Harvard Business School Executive MBA Program
  • "The Reciprocity Ring is proving to be a powerful and insightful tool that has real practical application in problem solving for bottom-line business results. The Reciprocity Ring builds trust and relationships by creating new and fast connections where they might not have existed otherwise. The Ring finds solutions in unexpected places, ultimately helping people get the information they need now."​

    Karen De-Cuir-DiNicola Former Manager, Diversity Initiatives, General Motors Corporation
  • "Asking for help is a huge mental shift for people leaving the military. It is often seen as a weakness for those in uniform if they can’t do something themselves. We have found with soldiers, sailors, and airmen and women, that the RR is a revolutionary concept that frees them in their transition to civilian life."

    KW Foster, CD, PhD, RMC Director, International Student Success Program, Rowe School of Business
  • "We use Givitas with our students as a follow-up to the Reciprocity Ring. We have seen students access valuable resources through the platform, build community, and in the process learn about the power of giving for networking.”​

    Bill McEvily Rotman School of Management
  • "It delivered fully on its promise and left students recognizing the untapped power of simply asking for help and assisting others."

    Leonard A. Schesinger Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School
  • "Reciprocity is the key to creating social capital, and amassing social capital is the number one way to achieve success in business and life . . . If you want to catapult your business into higher and higher realms of success and dramatically improve employee performance, I can tell you from experience that the Reciprocity Ring is the answer.”

    Ivan Misner Founder and Chairman at Business Networking International (BNI)
  • "I have three words: 'trust the ring!' I ran a Reciprocity Ring for a group of 150 participants in India, and I was completely awed by the power of the network and the generosity of the group. It was amazing to see.”

    Prasad Balkundi Chair, OHR Department, University of Buffalo
  • "It was a deeply humanizing experience to watch one person after another, many of whom had never met, step up to help meet the need of someone else."

    Mary Ceccanese Executive Education Affiliate, University of Michigan
  • "Givitas by Give and Take is the web platform that takes the Reciprocity Ring concept to the next level."

    Sharon Danzinger Control Chaos
  • "I facilitated the Reciprocity Ring for two groups of about 25 managers at a global auto parts manufacturer, and each group calculated that the value of the help they received during the exercise was worth over $10 million. Even if only a fraction of that is realized, it's a clear indication that the value of the Reciprocity Ring goes far beyond just improvements to trust and culture, it has demonstrable ROI."

    Dr. Paula Caproni author of Management Skills for Every Day Life and Executive Education faculty at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

Let the Reciprocity Ring Help You Prepare for the Future of Work

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