Give and Take Builds Culture Through Collaboration

Building culture can be quick and easy. It starts with the right mindset and tools to support sharing behaviors. Give and Take can show you how.

Backed by Research: Using Givitas Improves Culture

Nearly 90% of business leaders cite culture and engagement as top challenges. Trying to change culture through policy isn’t enough, which is why Give and Take is here to help you with concrete ways to increase interaction across silos and improve employee engagement.

Decades of social science research shows that when employees are able to easily get the help they need, efficiently show generosity to coworkers, and cultivate gratitude – engagement, retention, loyalty and satisfaction all improve.

Three Steps to Transform Your Culture

Step 1

Make Givitas Software Available

Schedule a demo and learn how Givitas can address your culture challenges

Step 2

Encourage them to ask for and offer help

Once your team has access to Givitas, we will educate them on the importance of productive generosity

Step 3

Watch culture improve

As Givitas takes hold in your team or organization, engagement, satisfaction and retention improve

From Adam Grant:

“As a leader of a growing team or company, the single most important thing you can do to ensure your success is to invest in building a culture of givers,” says Adam Grant, author of the book Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, and co-founder of Give and Take.

Leaders all over the country have taken this advice to heart and thousands of people are using Givitas to transform culture by breaking down silos, encouraging generosity, and creating a safe place for employees to ask for the help they need to get their jobs done.

Our Customers

  • "The Reciprocity Ring is proving to be a powerful and insightful tool that has real practical application in problem solving for bottom-line business results. The Reciprocity Ring builds trust and relationships by creating new and fast connections where they might not have existed otherwise. The Ring finds solutions in unexpected places, ultimately helping people get the information they need now."​

    Karen De-Cuir-DiNicola Former Manager, Diversity Initiatives, General Motors Corporation
  • "Collaboration is the key, and Givitas makes it easy. It allowed me to reach out and connect with colleagues around the world. I received support for my questions and I was also happy to help others providing my knowledge or providing proper contact within our organization."

    Global IT Executive
  • "Givitas can make asking for and getting help from other employees simple -- which can make your business a lot more efficient and effective."

    Inc. Magazine
  • “I like that our [Givitas] community comes from different diverse fields and backgrounds. I suddenly have a community of people that I ask help from and provide help to as well. I use [Givitas] to get insights whenever I encounter a challenge or an area that is new to me; and there's a good feeling of satisfaction whenever I’m able to provide real help  to someone else.”

    Givitas participant international technology company

The Expertise Behind Give and Take

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How Give and Take Works

With the help of Give and Take, your workforce now feels they are in a safe and supportive environment where they can succeed, trusting leaders and colleagues in a collaborative, team-first space.

Learn more about transforming culture at your organization, today.

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