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Use the Reciproity Ring and Givitas to create generous communities that support the school

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How Texas A&M Uses Givitas

Our Experience with the Reciprocity Ring
at the University of Buffalo

How Givitas Helped Our Entrepreneurs
Tap Into Generous Advice

Founded by Organizational Psychologists
Adam Grant and Wayne Baker

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Our Solutions

The Reciprocity Ring

The Reciprocity Ring is a beloved, dynamic, team-building exercise. It teaches people how to ask for information, help, or advice and shares personal and professional benefits of being a giver. 

  • Takes 1-2 hours
  • Teaches students and alumni how to ask, what to ask, and how to overcome the stigma of asking for help
  • Builds community and high-quality connections
  • Best for groups of 15-10,000 
  • Used with 100k+ participants since 1999
  • Priced per participant
  • Can be done in person or virtually
Reciprocity Ring


Givitas is a purpose-built, knowledge collaboration platform. It transforms student and alumni networks by saving time, increasing engagement, and building community all year long. As a result, groups are more invested and likely to donate.

  • Creates a culture of generosity, trust, connection, gratitude, and inclusivity
  • Provides equal access to the collective intelligence of leaders and peers
  • Promotes efficiency (an average request saves 6 hours)
  • Integrates with Slack and Teams, but offers complementary and low-interruption functionality
  • Priced in tiers based on number of invited participants
  • Best for groups >500

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