Givitas: Software Connecting Employees, Customers, Members, and Stakeholders

Givitas is purpose-built, web-based software that allows you to connect employees, customers, members, donors, or any other stakeholder group that  needs equal access to the collective intelligence, knowledge, and experience of experts and peers.

By creating an environment where it’s safe and easy to ask for and offer help, Givitas enables organizations to improve engagement, loyalty, culture and business performance.

Why Givitas Works

At Givitas by Give and Take, we know that engagement, loyalty, productivity, efficiency, and even profitability are all outcomes of creating a generous culture where people have equal access to one another. These truths hold up whether you are a corporation, a university, an association, or a nonprofit.

We didn’t make this stuff up–our technology is inspired by academic research on generosity, knowledge sharing, and asking for help done by two of our co-founders: Adam Grant in his bestselling business book, Give and Take and Dr. Wayne Baker at the University of Michigan in his forthcoming book All You Have to Do is Ask.

  • Givitas is purpose-built to reduce the stigma of asking for help and make it easy to be a giver on 5 minutes a day or less.
  • Givitas leverages social science proving that collaborative, connected, generous groups outperform others in terms of employee and customer satisfaction, efficiency, retention, and overall business performance.
  • For nonprofits, universities, and associations, connected groups are more engaged, loyal, and dedicated.
  • Using Givitas, you don’t have to know who to ask, and the responsibility of generosity is spread across the team with no undue burden on a few “givers.” Everyone has a voice and has equal access to mentors and experts.
  • Givitas inspires people to be generous, efficient givers, even those who were not previously inclined to do so.

How Givitas Works

“No question is a bad question.”

  • Employees, members, customers, students, or other stakeholders are organized into groups where they can ask for help, provide help, search a repository of institutional knowledge, collaborate, and connect in less than 5 minutes a day.
  • Asking for help is incredibly easy and gives everyone equal access to resources.

Benefits Speak for Themselves

Easy To Use

  • Requires less than five minutes a day
  • Reduces the stigma associated with asking for help
  • Provides analytics and metrics on usage and benefits

Improves Business Results

  • Encourages knowledge sharing, communication and collaboration across silos and geography.
  • Improves efficiency, finds answers, and solves problems faster
  • Captures organizational memory

Builds Culture

  • Makes it easy to be a giver and fosters a giving and collaborative culture
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Increases feelings of gratitude and trust; strengthens bonds

Boosts Engagement and Loyalty

  • Connecting members, donors, students or alumni boosts loyalty to your organization
  • Less “noise” and higher usage levels than other commonly-used tools

Different Industries, Same Results



From orientation to online classes or a blended classroom experience, to class projects and capstone events, to student clubs, fundraising and alumni events. Givitas integrates seamlessly to provide collaboration amongst student groups of every kind.


Nonprofits / Associations

Non-profit or association groups? Givitas brings your group closer than ever before. Your volunteer group will be engaged, provide better value and easily activate new members to your association with ease.



Givitas has the scale. At corporate levels, Givitas provides the very same results that working among a small team can provide: answers at your fingertips. From talent management to career development to global communications and networking, Givitas will bring your workforce together and more engaged with your mission and values.


Givitas does not replace general-use, collaboration platforms (e.g. Slack, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, etc.), but instead offers a purpose-built complement, with features, functionality, and integrations designed to build networks, improve culture, and boost efficiency.

Metrics and Analytics

Givitas is designed to bring the softer side of giving and collaboration to your team, but that doesn’t mean we skimp on the science.

Givitas provides metrics to help you better understand how your organization is sharing information, who’s connected to who, who’s giving and asking the most, and how all of that information is actually impacting your business. Schedule a demo to learn more about the metrics and analytics we provide.


We take security seriously at Givitas. We support measures like 2FA and SSO to ensure the safety of your data and protect your organization. Givitas offers a very light technology implementation and is appropriate for all teams, whether they are tech savvy or not.


Our Customers

  • “Collaboration is the key, and Givitas makes it easy. It allowed me to reach out and connect with colleagues around the world. I received support for my questions and I was also happy to help others providing my knowledge or providing proper contact within our organization.”

    Givitas buyer, and Givitas user Global IT executive
  • “[Givitas] has been very helpful and I can really say we have a gold mine of ideas; what's better is everyone is really willing to help each other.”

    Givitas participant Fortune 500 company
  • “It created a better sense of our community.  It proactively positioned people to ask for - and offer - assistance to the group.”

    Givitas buyer Fortune Top 100 Digital Companies
  • “I received offers for all of my requests regularly; the notifications were also really helpful (including the daily digest I'm receiving); because of this process, it makes it easy for me to collaborate with the other leaders from different centers.”

    Givitas participant service delivery center
  • “I like that our [Givitas] community comes from different diverse fields and backgrounds. I suddenly have a community of people that I ask help from and provide help to as well. I use [Givitas] to get insights whenever I encounter a challenge or an area that is new to me; and there's a good feeling of satisfaction whenever I’m able to provide real help  to someone else.”

    Givitas participant international technology company

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