Givitas and MS Teams:
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Boost collaboration and knowledge-sharing inside Microsoft Teams

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Remote work, a pandemic, and renewed focus on inclusion:
Collaboration has never been so important.

Givitas: Powerful Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
Inside MS Teams

Givitas: The Knowledge Collaboration Tool that Integrates Seamlessly with Microsoft Teams


Givitas is a purpose-built, knowledge collaboration platform. It transforms teams by saving time, increasing engagement, and building community all year long. As a result, teams are more efficient and effective.

  • Creates a culture of generosity, trust, connection, gratitude, and inclusivity
  • Provides equal access to the collective intelligence of leaders and peers
  • Promotes efficiency (an average request saves 6 hours)
  • Priced in tiers based on number of invited participants
  • Best for groups >500

Integration with Teams

Microsoft Teams is a general-purpose platform meant for broad communication and collaboration.

Givitas is not meant to replace Microsoft Teams but is instead an important complement designed specifically to encourage and facilitate asking for and giving help.

Teams is not designed to encourage generosity, gratitude or connection, so you’ll need the additional features, functions, and capabilities provided by Givitas.

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Rated a Top Microsoft Teams Integration
for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Founded by Organizational Psychologists

for Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing, and Community

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