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Most of our Givitas communities are sponsored by a business, association, nonprofit, thought leader, community group, or university. 

But we want to give back, so we’ve started several communities that anyone can join to experience Givitas, ask for help, and practice 5-minute favors.

Make a request for help; offer your experience, advice, or time to someone else; and grow your network!

More communities are coming, so keep checking back. If you have an idea for a community you’d like to start and have the network to help us get it started, submit your idea here.

Givitas for Leaders

Givitas for Leaders

Givitas for Leaders is a community of people interested in exchanging help on topics related to positive business, collaborative culture, and business leadership. This group is available to experienced and new mangers.

In this community, members have learned how to manage up and down, teach ethics, inspire generosity in their teams, and grow their networks.

Givitas for women at work

Givitas for Women at Work

Founded in conjunction with a Wall Street Journal/Sheryl Sandberg event for women in the workplace in 2019, this is a community for anyone (of any gender) interested in advancing women in the workplace.

Members have found mentors, worked on practical ideas to close the wage gap, gotten advice on a range of challenges and opportunities facing women in the workplace.

Givitas for HR Leaders

Givitas for HR Leaders

Originally founded at the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference, this a group has grown to include thousands of human resource professionals at all levels from around the world.

Members use the community to exchange best practices, policy templates, support on tricky personnel issues, and information on hiring.

Givitas people analytics community

The Givitas People Analytics' Community

Founded in 2018 at the Wharton People Analytics conference, the Givitas People Analytics’ community is a safe place for professionals in the field to exchange help, resources, and insights related to their work.

Members have exchanged ideas for socializing data and insights, innovations in the field, changing behavior, and improving results.

adam grant givitas

The GRANTED Givitas Community

The Givitas GRANTED Community was created by Adam Grant for his email subscribers to  exchange help, resources, connections, ideas, and advice.

Topics include work, life, work-life balance, and psychology.

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