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How to Prepare for the Future of Work

The way we work has changed forever. To deal with the challenges presented by an increasingly remote workforce, employers must be ready to innovate learning, development, equity, inclusion, knowledge sharing, culture, and employee engagement. The success of companies and individual employees depends on it.

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Givitas equity and inclusion at work

How Givitas Improves Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at work have never been more important.

It’s easy to talk the talk, but much harder to walk the walk.

Making it easy for ALL  employees to exchange help and get equal access to the collective intelligence of your organization is essential.

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how to earn member engagement

How to Earn Member Engagement: A Guide for Associations and Nonprofits

Member and donor engagement are critical to the success of a professional association or nonprofit, yet it’s still one of the biggest challenges faced by leaders.

Your biggest asset to your members is the community that only you can offer them. Here are some ways to leverage that network.

Givitas helps knowledge collaboration

Knowledge Collaboration: The New Business Paradigm

Most big companies have a knowledge management platform and a collaboration tool in place. While these are both important technologies, what’s needed in the modern workforce is to bridge the gap between the two and achieve real knowledge collaboration.

Read the free ebook to learn:

  • What is the difference between knowledge collaboration and knowledge management?
  • Pros and cons of traditional collaboration techniques
  • How to foster true collaboration in ways that affect the bottom line.
7 Ways to Apply Give and Take at Your Company

7 Ways to Apply Give and Take at Your Company

Give and Take by Adam Grant was a bestseller that took the world by storm. Its premise was simple: helping others can and does drive our success.

In this free ebook, learn how a technology platform called Givitas, co-founded by Adam Grant, Wayne Baker, and Cheryl Baker, can help you put seven key principles from the book into action in your enterprise.

How to Ask for Help at Work

How to Ask for Help at Work

Asking for help leads to knowledge, ideas, information, advice, and the opportunities that we need to get our work done, yet many of us have trouble asking.

This free ebook provides practical advice and information on:

  • The individual and team benefits that accrue when people are willing to ask for help at work.
  • How to help your team get over the discomfort and vulnerability of asking for help.
  • Specific tips that make asking for help easier and more likely to result in good information.
How to Build True Employee Engagement

How to Build True Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a critical driver of business success, but do you know how to create a culture that sustains and supports tactical programs like wellness and teambuilding.

Download the free ebook to learn:

  • Pitfalls of traditional employee engagement programs
  • How to deliver what employees really need to thrive: great networks, high-quality connections, and efficient knowledge collaboration.
How to Build a Collaborative Sales Organization

How to Build a Collaborative Sales Team

When sales collaboration is done effectively, research shows it leads to higher sales and more people meeting their quotas.

Download the free ebook to learn:

  • Why it’s important to have a collaborative sales organization
  • Pros and cons of traditional collaboration technoiques
  • How to foster true collaboration in ways that affect the bottom line.
The art and Science of Customer Support

Collaboration in Customer Support

Whether you’re focused on the art of customer success (relationships) or the science (metrics and KPIs), collaborative customer success teams enjoy better client retention and upsell with lower churn.

This free e-book is for anyone with client-facing relationships, including customer success teams, account managers,customer service reps, and customer support professionals.

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