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Drive Hard ROI

It’s a proven fact that sales, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, retention, and other business metrics all improve when employees work collaboratively.

For associations, nonprofits, and other affinity groups,  engagement and involvement skyrockets when members can connect.

Let Givitas show you how creating a collaborative knowledge-sharing community can positively impact your bottom line.

Join one of our free Givitas groups designed to improve your success and efficiency at work.

When Work Matters, How We Work Matters Even More

Give and Take’s proprietary technology, Givitas, makes it easy for people on your team to get that missing piece of advice, information, or knowledge that is slowing them down and impacting business performance.

With Givitas, you don’t have to know who to ask, and the responsibility of generosity is spread across the team with no undue burden on a few “givers.” Everyone has a voice and has equal access to mentors and experts.

Research shows that one request in Givitas takes 5 minutes but saves 4-8 hours and $600-2000.

Givitas Makes Transforming Your Business Easy

Step 1

Schedule a free demo

Learn how Givitas can help with the business challenges you’re facing.

Step 2

Implement Givitas in your group

Give people access to the advice, knowledge, and experiences of peers and mentors.

Step 3

Enjoy business results

Let us share our proprietary metrics to show you how Givitas is impacting bottom-line business results.

Case Study: How Givitas Brought a Global Workforce Together


An American multinational IT company had six delivery centers scattered around the globe.

Each delivery center functioned as an independent silo, unable to learn from mistakes or progress made in other centers.


The IT company implemented Givitas to build helpful connections among employees at six centers around the world.

Individuals at these locations were able to exchange help while increasing their engagement, elevating their energy, and producing tangible ROI.


Over a three-month period, a sample of 43 employees reported:

  • Time savings of 595 hours
  • Net value of $122,225
  • ROI of 850%
  • Deeper, closer connections with peers in other countries

Find out what hundreds of organizations and 100,000 users already know.

Download a free ebook on how collaboration, knowledge-sharing and generosity can improve your bottom line.

Testimonials: Givitas Boosts Business Results

  • "[Givitas] is a tool that helps build bridges across an organization and makes it easier for both newcomers and senior leaders to ask for--and offer--help."

    Maggie Bayless Managing Partner, Zingerman's
  • "In a world where poor knowledge-sharing costs Fortune 500 companies $31.5 billion annually, Givitas’ potential positive impact on employers is clear."

    Forbes Magazine
  • ​"I felt very confident in using Givitas as a forum for my question.  Spending 5 minutes in the platform saved me easily two hours and more than $700."

    Cindy Mark Benchmark Practice Consulting
  • "A few minutes in Givitas saved me 5-10 hours of research, and it was awesome connecting with new people who have shared interests."

    Tim Blomfeld
  • “Givitas created a better sense of our community. ”

    Givitas buyer Fortune Top 100 Digital Company
  • "The information I got in one request saved me at least a week and $1500, maybe more. The successful referral also advanced our startup process, gaining me credibility with my board. Worth a lot as a new founder!"

    Abigail Nobel
  • "Collaboration is the key, and Givitas makes it easy. It allowed me to reach out and connect with colleagues around the world. I received support for my questions and I was also happy to help others providing my knowledge or providing proper contact within our organization."

    Global IT Executive
  • "Givitas is an easy-to-use tool with an unbeatable ROI. Every company that is serious about positive engagement and facilitating insights across the organization should be using Givitas."

    Kiran Chaudhri Lenz Director, Business Operations Program Management at GTB
  • “Collaboration is the key, and Givitas makes it easy. It allowed me to reach out and connect with colleagues around the world.”

    Givitas buyer and Givitas user Global IT Executive
  • "The time I saved was in not having to come up with ideas that I may not necessarily have come up with anyway.”

    Angelique P.
  • “In a world where poor knowledge-sharing costs Fortune 500 companies $31.5 billion annually, Givitas’ potential positive impact on employers is clear.”

  • "Givitas is an invaluable tool to allow professionals to network and connect. This community has saved me an extraordinary amount of time. Thank you, Givitas!"

    Rhonda West ARDEX Americas

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The Give and Take Promise

We can improve your business and drive hard ROI by fostering generosity, gratitude, connection and trust.

This promise is true for corporations, associations and nonprofits, economic development organizations, academic institutions, and thought leaders.

We have decades of research on our side: letting large groups share knowledge in safe, collaborative spaces improves the bottom line.

Learn more about how Adam Grant's groundbreaking research can improve your team today.

Learn what thousands of others have already discovered and see how Givitas can help you boost business performance.

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