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One of the things I like best about working for Give and Take is the great feedback we get from people who are using Givitas. When you’re building a startup, you never know if it will catch on; if people will see what you see and use what you’re making.


why you should use givitas


Two years in, we get to see how people’s lives are being affected by Givitas on a daily basis.

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For those of you who aren’t using it yet, Givitas is a virtual network made for the sole purpose of exchanging help.

So unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, which were built to drive advertising revenue, Givitas was built by social scientists to increase generosity, connection, gratitude, and trust. It’s also a kind and supportive place to get help on a range of issues.

If you haven’t yet joined a Givitas community, we have a number of free groups. Read why you should give Givitas a try and then join a group!


1. Givitas is a great place to get help and learn new things.

  • Sometimes you just don’t know who to ask. Maybe you have a question or you need advice or a referral. Maybe you need an introduction to someone who has some missing piece of information. Whatever it is you need, chances are that someone in your Givitas community can either help, or knows someone who can.
  • Get curated opinions/info/advice/help from people you trust. When you ask your question on the wild world of the internet, you have no idea who is responding, how to connect with them, or even if you would want to connect with them. Givitas is built to drive connection. You can get to know the people in your group and expand your network.
  • Get customized help, specifically targeted to what you need. So often when you are Googling a question, you’ll find something a Quora user needed 8 months ago, but it may or may not be relevant to what you need today.
  • You’ll get diverse, unbiased opinions from people you might not otherwise get to hear from. Most of us live in bubbles with other people who are very similar to us. When we only talk to people like us, we miss out on a lot of experiences that could make us smarter and more well rounded. Expanding your network to include diverse opinions is critical.
  • It’s a safe place and you know you won’t be judged. Anyone coming to Givitas is doing so because they want to take part in a collaborative community. They want to help you! While you might get negative comments or judgement on other platforms, Givitas was built to elicit positive emotions. That means its a safe place to ask for help, which most people have a tough time doing.
  • Get access to a searchable organizational memory. While we always like to encourage you to ask a question again rather than just search for old answers, those answers are there at your fingertips. Just search open requests, closed requests, or all requests in the top left search bar.

Givitas search


2. Givitas saves you time and money.

  • Givitas is less noisy and distracting than other choices. Since it was built only for asking for and offering help, Givitas cuts through the clutter and delivers only genuine requests for help. No project updates, no pictures of morning coffee, no NCAA pics, reminders, or book clubs.
  • We will send you daily digests only when there is a new or expiring request. We’re not going to send you notifications for every little thing that happens. We’ll contact you when there’s something that needs your attention. You can customize those notifications in the upper left-hand corner of your screen under Account > Settings. Customize when, where, and how you get notifications and digests.

  • Get the info you need, quickly and easily. Givitas has advanced filtering on the left side of your screen, where you can filter by whether you’ve read the request or not, whether it has an offer or not, by hashtag, and more.

  • Be a giver on 5 minutes a day. Adam Grant introduced the idea of the five-minute favor, which allows you to feel good about your contribution without taking all day helping others. Givitas was designed to be quick and easy, so you can pop in and help somebody and then get back to your day. Or save up 5-10 minutes a week, and log in once a week to see who you can help. Remember that asking questions is also helping, because you’re giving someone else the opportunity to experience all the positive benefits of being a giver


3. Givitas gives you access to a unique and qualified network.

Givitas gives you access to a unique group of people, who are collected all in one place for a common interest or goal AND who are predisposed to help you. That’s not necessarily true in Facebook or LinkedIn or Slack.


4. Givitas can help you get ahead in your career and get better at job skills.

  • Your Givitas network is a group of people who have had success doing whatever it is you’re trying to do. They can help you. They want to help you. We see a lot of “micromentoring” happening on Givitas, which is when you ask for advice or support on an ad hoc basis rather than asking for a formal mentoring relationship before you’ve gotten to know each other. Often these micromentoring relationships develop into full-fledged mentor/mentee relationships over time. 
  • You’re going to expand your network by adding people who can help you. Maybe they’ll know someone who is hiring for what you do, or maybe they know someone who can teach you something to get better at your job. Givitas encourages high-quality connections to form, marked by mutual positive regard, trust, and active engagement on both sides. In a high-quality connection, people feel more open, competent, and alive.


5. Givitas makes you feel good.

There’s been a lot in the news lately about how most social networks are creating an addictive dependence among users. Whenever someone clicks “like” or “love” or “follow,” we get a dopamine hit. Known as the “fun trasnmitter,” dopamine is a brain chemical that causes us to take action to meet our needs and desires and causes a surge of pleasure when you succeed. But it also can create an addictive loop that leaves you craving more.

However, there are other chemicals at play in your brain when you’re feeling good:

  • Serotonin flows when you feel significant and important
  • Oxytocin creates intimacy, trust, and strengthens relationships.
  • Endorphins are released in response to pain and stress, and helps to alleviate anxiety.

When you’re using Givitas and offering help to others, you’re feeling positive in a non-addictive way. You’re getting recognition, appreciation, gratitude, and status from leaders and peers. 

When you’re using Givitas as an asker, you’re feeling cared for and supported by your community.

Scientific research shows that givers and askers have better overall health, happiness, career success (including immunity and longevity).


6. Givitas makes it easy to connect with and inspire others.

  • Expand your network and meet new people. You never know, those new people could include mentors, future business partners, future bosses, future hires, and future friends. We haven’t had a Givitas marriage yet, but give us a few more years!
  • Build higher-quality relationships with the people already in your network. Research shows that when you ask for or offer help, you’re building a better, deeper connection than going to a softball game together or grabbing a drink at a conference. 
  • Set a positive example for others that it is safe to ask. When we started Givitas two years ago, we thought it would be hard to get people to be givers because we thought people would feel too busy. We were wrong. People are more than willing to help others. The hardest part is getting people to ask for help. Everytime you ask for help on Givitas, you’re setting a positive example for someone else that it’s a safe thing to do.
  • Set an example of being a productive giver. Adam Grant’s research shows that givers are the most and least productive people in an organization. If you’re helping too many people too often, you don’t have time to take care of your own life. Use Givitas to show how to help others in manageable increments (5 minutes per week).
  • Help create a safe space in your community where people who really need help can get it without shame or fear. By participating in Givitas in any way, whether that’s asking for help, offering help, upvoting requests, following reqeusts, or even reading digests and staying on top of what’s happening, you are helping make this community stronger.


7. Here’s what you’re missing if you’re not using Givitas:

  • Knowledge and expertise (that you don’t have but that you could have)
  • Connections and relationships (with potential bosses, hires, mentors, friends, colleagues)
  • Resources (that can help you do your job better, get ahead in your career, solve your problems)
  • Advice (that can help you do your job better, get ahead in your career, solve your problems)
  • Knowing what is important to other people in your community
  • Access to experts that you don’t know in your everyday life. 


[Read our testimonials!]

We’d love to have you join us in one of our existing groups. They are free to join, and you can participate as much or as little as you like.

If you work for a company, association, nonprofit, academic institution, or other affinity group and would like more information about sponsoring a Givitas group for your community, get in touch here.

To learn more about how to ask for help specifically in a work environment, download our free ebook.

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