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This year has been interesting, and the changes have hit careers and work life as much as anything.

While a lot of families have been affected by the sudden change in our environment, there was a group of people that seem to have been affected more ~ women.

As women, it may be harder to get a certain job, work in a certain industry, or even increase your earning potential compared to male counterparts.

During the coronavirus, many people got laid off, furloughed, or got hours cut dramatically. Understandably so, many companies had to shut doors and halt production to help save their workers from the unknown.

Yet, women seem to have been the first to go in some situations. Black, indigenous, and women of color are impacted even more.

Many are starting to label this recession as a she-cession — pointing out the overwhelmingly negative effects on working women.

Not to mention, 47% of jobs held by women are within the three industries hit hardest by COVID-19; hospitality, education, and health services. Not only does this take your career for an unexpected detour, but it also hinders your budget.

Check out the infographic below on more insight about this she-cession, along with some tips to navigating this change.

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How to Navigate the She-Cession

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