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Whether it’s building a company or finding a job, networking is essential.

Networking should be an everyday thing. Building a strong network of people is not simply about remembering people’s names. It’s also not bout collecting as many people as possible who might be able to help you in the future. It’s about making genuine connections with people, asking for help, and offering your help to them.

One great way to network is to join a free Givitas community. When you join, you’re signing up to network with industry experts, thought leaders, business leaders, and other professionals. You will also be joining a community where you can freely request for help, and you will have more than one person that is willing to give you the advice to help you grow. You may also be able to offer your advice, connections, and suggestions to others, which is incredibly rewarding.

Within Givitas, there are different communities that you can decide to join, depending on the one that fits your person and status. Some of these communities include:

Givitas for Leaders

This community is ideal for people with a keen interest in discussing and learning about particular topics that relate to business leadership, collaborative culture, and real business. This is an ideal group for both new and experienced managers. Members can learn about the ups and downs of management, managerial ethics, growing their networks, and also inspiring generosity within their team. Join here. 

Give and Take Givitas

Givitas for Women at Work

This community was created for anybody interested in advancing the presence or role of women in workplaces. You will find mentors and people who have worked on different practical ideas to reduce the wage gap, for instance. You will learn about the various opportunities and challenges that women face in their places of work. Join here.

Givitas for Association and NPO Leaders

This community was established because of those people tasked with leading nonprofit organizations to exchange advice, help, and crucial information. Best practices, ethics, recruiting and hiring, policy templates, board dynamics, programs, development strategies, and stakeholders are some of those things that are discussed on exchanges in this community. Join here.

Givitas for HR Leaders

When they founded this community, it was during the annual conference of the SHRM in 2018. There are now thousands of HR professionals across different levels and different parts of the planet. Members of this community often discuss policy templates, information on hiring, best practices, and support for tricky issues involving personnel. Join here.

Givitas for Black Women

Hosted by I Am a Black Woman and Yes I Matter, this is a free Givitas group for people who identify as Black and identify as Women. Members use the community to exchange advice, information, knowledge, help, and resources in a safe, supportive environment. Join here.

Givitas for black women

Givitas for Young Professionals

oin a free community for young professionals and emerging leaders. We originally created this group for alumni of Reciprocity Rings and other Givitas groups, but we’ve broadened it to include any young professionals and emerging leaders. This is the place to connect with other recent graduates to exchange advice, support, information, and resources that will help you get ahead in life and in your career. Join here.

The Givitas People Analytics’ Community

This is another community that they founded at another conference. They created this Givitas People Analytics’ Community to be a safe haven for professionals in the Analytics field to exchange insight, resources, and all help that relates to the work that they do. The ideas commonly shared on this platform include innovation in the analytics field, ideas for socializing insights and data, improving results, and changing behavior. Join here.

Givitas for K-12 Educators

This is a digital community that they set up for K-12 educators to exchange some best practices, tips, ideas, resources, etc. Join here. 

k-12 educators

The GRANTED Givitas Community

The Givitas GRANTED Community was created by Adam Grant for his email subscribers to  exchange help, resources, connections, ideas, and advice. Topics include work, life, work-life balance, and psychology. Join here.

Daniel Pink’s Givitas Community

Dan Pink has created an online Reciprocity Ring for his readers and newsletter subscribers. Think of Givitas as the next stage of social networking- a place where you can ask questions, get advice, and help others. Join here.

Givitas for the Creator Mindset

Join a free community for readers and fans of Nir Beshan’s Creator Mindset.  Ask questions, get answers, advice, introductions, or help. Then pay it forward to someone else! This new community gives you the opportunity to get the help you need to be more successful and connect with leaders and peers interested in innovation, creativity, entrepenurialship, business and collaboration. Join here.

Givitas for March for Science

Join a free community for March for Science supporter and organizers. This group is a place to exchange help, advice, connections, resources, ideas, and recognition on topics like:

  • Organizing
  • Getting the word out
  • Partnerships
  • Advice on changes to life and work due to coronavirus restrictions
  • Acknowledging each other and celebrating small wins
  • Anything else you need help or support with!

Givitas for Michigan Startups

Entrepreneurs, investors, founders, and startup leaders need a place where they can pick each others’ brains, get advice, and meet experts who have been in the same boat. Givitas for Michigan startups is a free, digital community where you can exchange help, advice, support, ideas, and connections. Join here.

Networking Tips

The Givitas communities mentioned above are the best place to sign up to network with the right people. As there are different communities for different types of professionals, you should choose the one that suits you and the kind of job that you do. Once you sign up and become a member, you get access to information, tips, advice, etc. from folks along your line—some experts and very experienced individuals. You are bound to improve and get better at what you do once you start to network with these people.

Networking is a continuous process that requires organization, attention, goodwill, and some persistence. In case you have issues with networking, or do not know how to go about it, here are some general networking tips that you can follow:

  1. Meet someone through referrals

The easiest way, and probably the best way to meet someone is through a referral by someone else. On Givitas, if you’re looking for an introduction at a specific company, you can always ask if anyone knows someone there and if they’d be willing to introduce you.

  1. Use social networks

Givitas is one example of a social network that is purpose built for exchanging help. Therefore it tends to result in higher-quality connections. Onlinenetworking can feel easier because you do not have to face the pressure of looking at someone face to face.  You can start a conversation with them or comment on their post, etc. does have some value. So, when there is a chance to meet them face to face, there is less ice to break.

  1. Use time wisely

If you’re meeting someone in person, you should have a plan which you would follow to keep you on track. Plan your meeting out in advance. This makes you appear more professional, gives you more credibility, and you are also able to cover some topics that are critical to you.

  1. Let them talk

It would help if you did not do all the talking when you are networking with people. You have to be a good listener . Allow people to talk, especially if you ask them a question. You can’t be asking the question and taking up all the response time. Even if you are adding value to them, they will become uninterested at some point if you do not give them the chance to express themselves, and they won’t even know what to take away from you.

  1. Look for a reason to stay in touch

If you are looking to build a rapport with someone, you should have a reason to keep the relationship or why you want to stay in touch. Try to leverage on any opportunity that you have to contact them. But make sure you have a legitimate reason.


Networking has a lot more benefits than people give it credit for. Signing up for a Givitas community allows you to network with people that will help you grow.

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