How Givitas Can Help You Weather COVID-19

Through June 15, Givitas is offering a limited number of free and reduced-rate communities to groups who are being impacted by COVID-19.

As of this writing on March 13, 2020, the World Health Organization has just declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and it seems clear that we are on the cusp of an explosion of cases in the US as testing increases. 

Panic doesn’t help. What does help is taking responsible measures to protect ourselves, our teams, our companies, our organizations to the best of our abilities in a very uncertain world. 

It's time for social distancing, but we need to mitigate the impact.

Social distancing is appropriate and responsible. However, it has its costs, both economically and psychologically.

There are reports coming in from quarantined families in Italy describing extreme loneliness and disconnection. Most businesses in Italy  that require face-to-face commerce can’t operate at all, and even those with remote workers are struggling to stay productive.

We seem close to that tipping point in the U.S.

We think Givitas can help, at least a little.

As a society, we need to stay connected and generous. And we can.

In the longest study ever conducted on adult development and happiness, 724 adults were tracked for 75+ years, producing tens of thousands pages of information and one resounding takeaway:

Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.

This reality will be especially important as huge numbers of people not accustomed to working from home have to begin working remotely.

Givitas can help. We want to make it widely available to whoever needs it.

We make a tool called Givitas that connects people in remote locations to exchange help, advice, information, resources, and connections.

Givitas a platform built by renowned social scientists Adam Grant, Wayne Baker, and Cheryl Baker designed to make it easy and fast for people to exchange help in less than 5 minutes a day. 

Not only does Givitas connect people in practical terms, it was designed by social scientists to increase generosity, connection, gratitude, and trust.

There is evidence that Givitas can alleviate loneliness and increase a sense of belonging. Belonging comes not only when you are a part of a community that extends a helping hand to you, but when you offer that help right back to others. 

We are an early-stage company impacted by an economic recession as much as anyone, so we can’t give our product away to everyone. But we are offering as many free and reduced-rate Givitas groups as we can handle in the coming weeks.

Here's how we can help.

Givitas is being used by enterprises, associations, nonprofits, universities, economic development organizations, thought leaders and more.

Givitas creates productive communities driven by generosity, trust, gratitude, and connection.

No selfies, no political rants, no snark . . . just genuine exchanges and community building.

People who use Givitas are kind, in part because it’s designed to elicit kind behavior, and in part because they see everyone else being kind. Kindness and generosity become community norms.

Givitas can help keep your community connected, generous, and kind at a time when we all need to band together most.

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We need kindness, gratitude, connection, generosity, and trust . . . now more than ever.

So many of us are about to be isolated. We may be working from home, or we may not be working at all.

We may be taking care of children or parents or family members.

We need information, advice, help, resources, connections, virtual introductions, ideas, experience, knowledge and information now more than ever.

However, we also need the positive feelings of helping others. Sharing our own ideas, advice, resources, and hope with others is critical to our wellbeing and feelings of connectedness and belonging.

We need it do our jobs, maintain our livelihoods, and manage our lives.

Givitas groups can provide a much-needed community of generous people. We make it safe to ask for help and easy to be a giver. Even if you’re stuck at home for a few weeks with little face-to-face contact with the outside world.

What kind of groups should apply for a free or reduced-rate Givitas group?

Here are a few of the organizations that may want to consider using Givitas to connect people (we’ve linked to our solution sheet for each group if you want to learn more about specific use cases):

  • Companies with a new work-from-home policy or otherwise impacted by COVID-19. We can create a community for your team that is different from Slack or Teams because it will generate positive feelings, attitudes, and emotions. Yes, it increases efficiency because each request saves 6 hours of work, but perhaps more importantly, it will make people feel connected in a way that a simple communication tool like slack or teams never can. 
  • Associations and nonprofits that have had to cancel face-to-face meetings and events due to travel restrictions. You’re probably worried about memberships and renewals. We can connect your members to each other, providing important value often provided by in-person events. They can tap into the collective intelligence of the network only you can provide, which will increase their loyalty to your organization and your value to them. 
  • Economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, and innovation and entrepreneurship groups with worried, disconncted members. Your members are all struggling to figure out how to conduct business and thrive in these difficult circumstances. We can help you connect them so they can lean on each other for advice, best practices, new ideas, and policies.  
  • For colleges and universities, we can connect your faculty and staff to exchange best practices and ideas as they work to implement new distance-learning techniques and manage student requests. We can also connect groups of students and alumni.
  • If you have any kind of affinity group of more than 150 people affected by social distancing, we can help you connect those people. 

Here's how it works.

If you’re interested, here are the steps. 

  1. Fill out our form.
  2. We’re getting a lot of requests, so we can’t get back to everyone. If we’re considering your group, we’ll call you to schedule a call with us so we can work out the details.
  3. You’ll need two half-hour calls to set things up.
  4. We can get you up and running in 1-2 weeks.

That’s it. It’s that easy. 

What if I don't have a group to start but I want to be part of one?

The offer of free and reduced-rate groups is for groups of over 500.

If you don’t have a group that big, but you’d like to be part of a Givitas community, we gotcha covered.

We have number of free groups on different topics that are available for anyone to join, and we have more coming.

Here’s the full list.

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We will give away as many free groups as we possibly can to those who need it most, and to others, we can offer a Givitas community at a fraction of our usual cost. 

Hey, we gotta eat too, so if you like Givitas and are ready to pay full price, schedule a demo here.

If you want to apply for a free or reduced-rate Givitas group, do that here.

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