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The office can be a difficult place for anyone to navigate, but for women there are increased pressures that can make it even harder.  Cuture teaches us that women should be easygoing and remain likable. In order to do so, we’re taught to set aside our needs and wants rather than advocate for ourselves and speak up. We should avoid rocking the boat. We should not raise difficult subjects or make anyone feel uncomfortable. 

However, it’s possible to reject these gender conventions and have tough conversations, advocate for ourselves, raise challenging issues, and confront bad behavior. In fact, it’s not only possible, it’s as essential leadership skill. 

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Schedule meetings to discuss raises, vacation time or conflict at times that are convenient for your company and showcase your talents.

Rehearse your input ahead of time and make sure you’re prepared to answer any questions that arise.

Finally, be confident and sure of yourself. 

For more tips on how to self-advocate in the office, check out the below infographic from Bestow.


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