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work from homeFor many of us, the concept of working from home is altogether new and unfamiliar.

But now more than ever, knowing how to effectively work from home and maintain productivity and focus is crucial. Here are some tips to help if you are working from home right now.

1. Revisit an old project

Maybe you have an old project sitting in your drawer, collecting dust, whether it is a passion project or long-forgotten proposal. Now is the time to get back in there and figure out whether it is worth reworking and seeing it through to fruition.

2. Promote your business online and improve your social media presence

Having to work from home gives you more time to focus on promoting your own work.

Put some time into your marketing efforts, whether through reworking your social media accounts or personal business website, doing some outreach and networking, sharing your work and expertise by writing guest articles or working on some new blog content or YouTube videos.

3. Think about your career development

It can be easy to get lost in the day-to-day responsibilities of your job, never planning further than your next project, so take this time to consider your career options.

This consideration could include learning how to excel further in your current position and progress without switching tracks, or look into alternative occupations or employers. Think about what you want for yourself in terms of your mobility, responsibilities, challenges, skills, and personal future.

Consider joining one of our free Givitas groups to connect with others who might be able to help you or introduce you to someone who can.

4. Start your day the right way

Get up early – you will be amazed how much you can get done with the first few hours of the day.

Try to avoid looking at a screen for the first few minutes of the day, too – get your bearings, think about what you want to achieve, and enjoy your breakfast distraction free.

Christine Albertson, a lifestyle blogger at Britstudent and Australia2write, says: “We spend too much time sucked into screens and social media, with smartphones, computers, tablets, and televisions, it’s hard to avoid!”

5. Start keeping a detailed planner

Planners are particularly useful for anyone not used to working from home, as it can become easy to feel like you are drifting without structure and accountability.

Using a planner can allow you to map out how you plan to spend each day, in both a personal and professional capacity. Spending some time planning your day will enable you to focus on the task at hand without your mind drifting to other responsibilities and chores.

One of the most important things to bear in mind when working from home is separating your professional life from your personal life – schedule in every element of your day, including household responsibilities, leisure time, regular breaks, and time off.

6. Plan your time effectively and stick to it

The most crucial part of successfully working from home is to get organized – take the time to schedule your day, week, etc. and set out a clear timetable for how you are going to divide your time and energy.

Joshua Orr, a psychologist at Writemyx and Nextcoursework, explains: “Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused on one task at a time – research has consistently shown that trying to switch between different tasks weakens our overall ability to concentrate and filter out distracting information.”

7. Schedule in some me-time

Finally, it can be all too easy when you are working from home to let your work take over your life – that’s is why it is vital to take the time for some self-care.

Everyone’s personal form of self-care looks different, so work out what works best for you to help you relax, stay focused, and stay grounded. Some great ways to reduce stress and keep your mind alert are to work-out, stretch regularly, and practice yoga and mindfulness.

You should also carve out some time to do the things that make you happy – try to pick up a new hobby or re-discover an old one.

Learning new skills is another great way to spend your free time, as it is not only an enjoyable leisure activity, but it is also great for keeping your mind sharp! This could be reading up on a brand new topic, or getting back to something you never got around to finishing. Maybe update your digital media skills to boost your online presence, or take the time to brush up on topics you use for work to keep yourself on top of things.

If you are new to working from home, make sure to stay organized and follow these tips to stay productive and focused while you are stuck inside the house.

Katrina Hatchett is a dedicated lifestyle blogger at Academic Brits and writer for Origin Writings. Katrina is involved in many business projects, where she enjoys identifying project problems and finding solutions for these. She also writes for the PhD Kingdom blog and her goal is to improve the effectiveness of business communication.

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