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It’s become clear over the last 10 days that we’re experiencing more than one pandemic in the U.S.

As states make plans to reopen gradually after coronavirus limitations, the American Psychological Association says we are also “living in a racism pandemic.”

It is our firm belief that those of us who follow and study positive business practices have a duty to contribute to this movement.

We shared some resources last week that allies can use to educate ourselves about the racial justice movement. Many of us have been aware of these issues and working to remedy them for years or decades; many others of us are new to this awareness and want to be part of the solution.

This week, since our focus as a company is mainly on the workplace, we want to offer some additional resources that are specific to addressing issues of racial justice at work. These conversations and efforts are not simple, but we’re called to have them.

Resources for Allies in the Workplace

It’s important to educate ourselves, but it’s also important to act. We have a free Givitas group for HR Leaders who are exchanging lots of ideas and resources for how to address these topics with staff during a sensitive time. If you’re interested in joining, you can sign up here.

Sign up: Givitas for HR Leaders

Here’s a list of all of our free groups.

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