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Many of you are familiar with the Reciprocity Ring

Cheryl Baker and Wayne Baker created this dynamic group exercise in 2001. (Read about the history of the Reciprocity Ring).

You may have been introduced to the Reciprocity Ring in Adam Grant’s book Give and Take, in Wayne Baker’s book All You Have to Do is Ask, in a TED Talk, in a podcast, or in an article

During a traditional Reciprocity Ring exercise, everyone gets together in a room in a group of up to 24 people . . .

Wait, are you seeing the problem here in the modern era? Today most states and workplaces are prohibiting groups of more than five or 10? 

While we fully believe there will be a day when we can once again gather in groups of more than 20, that day is not today. 

So we’re excited to introduce the Virtual Reciprocity Ring!

virtual reciprocity ring

It Still Has the Same Power of the Original Reciprocity Ring

It has all the same features and functionality of an in-person Reciprocity Ring, but it can be done with a remote group of students, employees or members.

We still train you, the facilitator. We still send all the materials. There is an updated PowerPoint presentation we provide. We still create an environment where it is safe and easy to ask for and offer help. It just all happens with the assistance of video conferencing and our Givitas platform, which stores requests and offers and makes them visible to all the remote participants. 

People who have participated in Reciprocity Rings say it’s the most rewarding and transformative group exercise they’ve ever seen. 

All kinds of requests and offers are exchanged:

  • Prosaic (“can anyone teach me Excel pivot tables?”) 
  • Life changing (“does anyone know a doctor who can help my niece?”) 
  • Lucrative (“do you know anyone who might be interested in investing in my startup?”)
  • Bucket-list-fulfilling (does anyone have a connection to help me get on the Bachelor?”

It’s truly a remarkable exercise. Watch this video that Eccoh made about it. 

The results are not just hypothetical. 

  • The monetary values of benefits achieved typically exceeds $150,000
  • The time saved by participants typically exceeds 1,600 hours.
  • The Reciprocity Ring builds community, strengthening the network of relationships among participants.
  • You can achieve real business and educational benefits.

So many of our customers tell us that they’re scrambling to find ways to connect people remotely, and folks are desperate for an outlet to express and receive connection, empathy, generosity, trust, and gratitude. 

So if you have an event coming up or you’re looking for an exercise to teach your students generosity, consider a Virtual Reciprocity Ring. 

And if you’d like to achieve all these same goals all year round, consider Givitas. Givitas is a software platform that applies the Reciprocity Ring concepts all the time, rather than in a one-time exercise.

To learn more about how the Virtual Reciprocity Ring works, download the solution sheet or send an email to We’ll send pricing and details.

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