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The Coronavirus pandemic changed the way we work, communicate, and interact with each other forever. Because so many countries have taken lockdown measures and forced people to spend most of their time at home, many companies have changed their working styles.

Companies need to find new ways to keep their employees engaged, motivated, and productive because everyone needs support these days marked only by bad news.

Leaders and HR professionals are challenged by the current state of the world and they need to find innovative ways to hire and train remote teams. We all must respect quarantine measures to limit the virus spreading, so traditional face-to-face interviews or technical tests and training on the site will not be feasible anymore.

But how to hire and train your remote team in 2020?

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It’s clear that this pandemic has disrupted the traditional hiring and training processes, but thanks to technology we can shift them online.

So, how should you organize the hiring process now that almost everyone is working from home?

Sort the Candidates

Now that some people have lost their jobs, you might have more job applications than before. The first thing you should do is go through all the resumes and cover letters and sort the applicants.

Find the ones that have the skills and experience you need, and consider giving the candidates that do not have the right skills the chance to develop and improve them during training.

Contact the Candidates and Invite Them to an Online Video Call

Because face-to-face interviews are not possible anymore, you need to conduct them with the help of technology. Contact the candidates and invite them to a video call where you discuss aspects regarding their experience and motivation.

Test the Candidates

Most recruiting processes also include a testing phase. Find the platforms and tools you need to create and design a technical test for the applicants and put top candidates to test.

Hiring and Meeting the Team

The next hiring phases are pretty much the same. You need to check the references and if the final answer is positive for a candidate, make him an offer. After you have hired him, it’s time for him to meet the team and be trained. All these can be made online, even though in some cases where the job is more practical, you might experience some challenges.


According to twiftnews, the training process must have qualities to make it engaging and interesting for your remote team. Experts say that it is more difficult to catch and maintain the attention of your remote team when the training is done online, but not impossible.

Divide the Training into Several Days

Even though some people love working from home because they feel more relaxed, at peace and they can easily find their flow, this is not the case for all. Some have a hard time finding their motivation and productivity. Others are distracted by their children or pets and it takes time to establish a working routine. Divide the training into several days and smaller training sessions. Give your team time to retain the information.

Make It Easy and Simple

If your remote employees are new to the industry or domain, you need to keep your training short and simple. When there is a surplus of information, our brain selects the one that remains into our memory and some of it will be forgotten. Make sure you explain the basics in a clear and easy to understand way.

Share Training Materials

You have probably created some slides or gathered some information to make the training process easier. The more you represent the information visually, the easier it will be to be understood by your remote team. They will surely encounter some situations when they will need to go through training materials, so it is better to share and make them available for the whole team.

Make It Interactive

We all know those training sessions when the trainer is speaking and speaking about things. And in the end, we realize that we did not retain anything from the presentation. Because some topics are more technical and have the potential to become boring, you can choose to deliver them interactively. The more you engage your team, the closer they will become to you. Besides, they will understand and retain the information easier.


These times challenge our motivation, productivity, and working style. We must embrace new ways of working, hiring, and training and shift our activities online.

To hire your remote team, you need to go through all the applications and sort the most relevant ones. Be mindful and give applicants that have huge potentials the opportunity to use and show it. Conduct the interview and testing stages online and find tools suitable for you.

Meeting the team and conducting the training will also need to be done online. Choose to make an interactive training and use visual cues to explain technical and complex information. Divide the training into several days and give your remote team the possibility of coming back to it when they will need it by sharing your training materials.

These times are difficult for all of us and we all have the inner strength to find ways to cope with these challenges.

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Donna James is a freelance writer and proofreader from Michigan who currently works on various projects focused on the IT&C industry apart from her work as a technical analysis specialist. She is interested in everyday development and writes blog posts on various topics, such as marketing and technology.

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