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Givitas was featured in Inc Magazine this week: How to Build a Better Company with More Engaged Employees in Just 5 Minutes a Day.

A few highlights:

  • Research shows that being a giver at work makes individuals more successful.  Building a giving culture makes an organization more successful, improving employee retention, engagement, and efficiency as well as customer satisfaction.
  • Bring your dog to work, coffee bars, work at home on Fridays are all great perks but they don’t drive engagement. Engagement comes from being in an environment where you build relationships with the company and the team, where you feel trusted, where you’re getting the support you need.
  • We were all taught to go to your boss with a solution, not a problem. Asking for help is a risk because it can be seen as a sign of weakness. But you want your team to ask for help — that shows they’re putting the customer, or project, or company ahead of their egos.
  • People may be  willing to ask for help but not know who to ask. If it’s the person sitting next to you, it’s obvious… but otherwise you have to find the right person. And then you may feel like you’re in their debt. Givitas reduces that problem and that potential stigma.
  • The easiest way to feel like a key member of a team is to help people who need help.

Read the full article on and download our free ebook on how to build REAL employee engagement.

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