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HR technology has evolved greatly during the pandemic. In fact, HR and IT are now working more closely together than ever before in order to tackle the crisis.

Whether it was remote work tools, virtual safety programs or training sessions, restructuring workforce, and shifting the recruitment process to remote platforms; technology has helped HR professionals press the reset button successfully within the organisation.

HR tech in 2021 will not only include talent and people management tools but will also have tools for work-life balance.

This is the need of the hour and this technology is already a reality. If you want to know how to become a successful hr professional in 2021, here are 6 technology skills you need:

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1. Traditional HR Tech

Technology solutions like the HRMS (Human Resource Management System), payroll software, recruitment, compliance, and benefits solutions are traditional HR tech which HR professionals are typically required to use. Knowing these technologies inside out is a must in 2021. These technologies are quickly evolving and become more advanced to incorporate remote tools.

2. Remote Work Technology

Remote work technology helps you manage, delegate, and run processes for an organisational revamp during the pandemic. This new HR technology includes tools for helping employees balance their professional and personal lives, keeping the larger goal of employee wellbeing and organisational productivity in mind. This category includes communications and collaborations tools, project management, etc. for remote work productivity.

Givitas is one example of a knowledge collaboration platform that helps employees be more efficient without constant interruptions to their workday.

3. People Analytics

HR Professionals have been using traditional HR technologies for people counting and for storing people data. But the new People Analytics technology for 2021 will be specially used for tracking employee data based on their locations and based on their functional roles. People Analytics technology is for real-time tracking of employees whether they are working remotely or on-site. It’s also crucial for seeing real-time people analytics data in the event of emergency. People Analytics HR Tech also has visual representations and hierarchy trees of employee data which HR professionals can easily glean insights from.

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4. Employee-Centric Technology

There are now HR technology tools to measure employee performance and boost employee productivity. In 2021, employee-centric technology will include home technologies and policies for remote work. It also includes a host of employee experience apps like employee collaboration and learning tools, goal management tools, survey and feedback tools, knowledge management, and wellbeing tools.

5. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is catching up with human resources and this will be a major trend for 2021. HR professionals are using VR for conducting interviews and providing job previews. Even the complete onboarding process is moving to the VR experience. If this trend pulls through widely in 2021, HR professionals will find it increasingly helpful to adhere to remote hiring and physical distancing. VR is set to also take over other HR processes as well in 2021. As an HR professional in 2021, its vital to learn about the applications of technologies like Virtual Reality in human resources.

6. Business Intel:

There is something far greater than HR tech that HR Professionals need to learn about. And that is Business Intelligence. If BI tools are on the list of your skill sets for 2021, you become a valuable asset to your organization That is because organisations need someone who knows how to simplify the complex reports obtained from HR tech. BI tools do just that and it’s definitely worth exploring as a skill for 2021. Employers are actively searching for HR Professionals who are skilled in Business Intelligence technology. Since BI brings together separate pieces of data produced by HR technology tools, it provides better insights.


Since business is going through a major overhaul amidst the pandemic, HR professionals need new and improved technology skills. Skills that will help them ensure employee wellbeing and productivity and in turn help their organisation achieve its goal will be in high-demand. Adding these technology skills to your resume will make you instantly appealing to the recruiter. HR technology is absolutely critical if you want to nurture a hire-ready resume as an HR professional.

About the Author

Daljeet Kaur Lal is an HR Trainer who has extensive work experience of over 11 years.  She is now working with Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai. She develops and executes various training programs to ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge to meet the organization’s objectives.

She is passionate about learning new things. She enjoys spending her free time reading favourite books and listening to all-time favourite melodies in English and Hindi. She is also keenly involved in Adventurous activities and loves to travel a lot.

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