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This photo of a peaceful protest in Richmond, VA (my hometown) taken by Domico Phillips on 6/2/20.

The Black community in America is asking for help, solidarity, and allyship. 

At Give and Take, we stand for creating safe places for people to ask for help.

We support productive offers of help that meet the need.

One of Givitas’ founding principles is giving everyone equal access to the collective intelligence and resources of the group.

Its up to those of us who study and seek to implement positive business practices and positive psychology to rise to the occasion.

If we care about diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workforce, we cannot remain silent or passive. White silence is violence.

Although we study and write a lot about leadership here at Give and Take, this is not our movement to lead.

It is ours to follow as we listen and learn.

So we’d like to share some resources that have been helpful for us:

For those of us who think this kind of content has no role in the workplace or in the conversations we have on this blog: make no mistake, the work of bringing light to racial justice belongs in all aspects of life. It is long overdue.

We should act to prevent discrimination, exploitation, and domination over or against any person or group based on race or ethnicity. 

We should all engage in social and political work (both at work and at home) that helps everyone get equal access to help, resources, knowledge, information, connections, and opportunities that they need, not to mention long, healthy lives. 

But focusing on “everyone” is not the goal of this movement (read this article about why “all lives matter” misses the point). This is a time when the country is rightly focused on black lives.

We are listening and learning, and we’re also making a donation to the NAACP, whose mission is “to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons.”

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