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Thanks to Adam Connors and the NetworkWise team for having our CEO, Larry Freed on their podcast this week.

Listen here or anywhere else you get your podcasts (iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, etc.)

We also have a few video excerpts up on our YouTube channel.

Here’s a recap of what they discussed on the podcast.

Not everyone can know everything and yet when you are in the workplace, you may feel as though you are expected to know everything. If that’s indeed the case, that’s not how it should be according to CEO and Founder of Give and Take Inc. Larry Freed.

“We’ve created a stigma in most organizations about asking for help,” Freed told Adam Connors on the podcast Conversations with Connors. “So they’ll say go to your boss with a solution and not a problem. It’s really upside down. If you’re the leader, you’re there to support your organization. People shouldn’t be afraid to ask you for help.”

And that’s the entire goal of Freed’s company, Give and Take. He says people need to ask questions and that most of the time, people are willing to give answers to those questions. There just needs to be an environment that is conducive and welcoming to asking questions and receiving answers.

“We all need that help to be successful. No one can do it on their own,” Freed told Connors. “So if we can enable that, and make it easy to both ask for help but also easy to give that help it’s just a win-win-win.”

Additionally, Freed says that as technology continues to advance, it is inevitable that people are going to have questions. There’s way more information that people have to know now than they did several years ago. It’s not possible for everyone to keep up on everything.

“There’s more things that we need to know and have access to,” Freed said. “And social capital helps us with that a great deal because we can not know everything. But if we can get to people who can help us or we can get the people who can get the job done or get referred to other people, the power in that is great.”
Freed believes the success of those in management should not be judged on the manager’s accomplishments, but rather on the accomplishments of the manager’s employees.

Allowing your employees to come to you with questions is a great way to help employees get the information they need and move up in the company according to Freed.

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