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The process of culture transformation within a company is not always an easy one. Nevertheless, it is possible even if it is just within yourself rather than within the organization you run. Here’s how to navigate a successful culture transformation.

#1 Find the Right Direction

First and foremost, you need to find the right direction. This will be particularly helpful in the times of a worldwide pandemic when everyone tries to adapt to the circumstances and carry out their usual tasks. There needs to be some sense of direction if you want the transformation to be successful. Otherwise, you might simply lose your orientation and start making unnecessary changes and mistakes.

To find the right direction, think about what the end goal is and how you want to get there. Do you want to promote teamwork in your company? Is it work culture that you want to change? Do you want to help your employees adapt to long-term remote working? Any of these can be a premise for culture transformation, so make sure to find the right question and the right answer that will help you identify the right direction.’

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#2 Define the Framework

Your second step should be defining the framework you want to use for the culture transformation. In other words, there have to be certain rules you follow, standards you set, and smaller goals or milestones you achieve before getting to your ultimate aim. Here are some questions to ask yourself to define your framework:

  • Is this transformation internal (you are integrating into a new environment) or external (you want to help others integrate)?
  • What are the milestones I need to go through to get to my end goal? Is there just one route I can take or there are multiple that I can choose from?
  • Does the culture transformation in my case require financial investments? If so, what is my budget and how will I spend it?
  • What are the standards I set for my end goal and for the milestones? How strictly do I want to meet them?

#3 Remember to Compromise

Once you start following your plan and launching your culture transformation, you need to remember to compromise. It’s easy to take a particular stance and never consider a different point of view, but for the transformation to be successful, it is essential to be able to compromise.

For instance, there will definitely be people who don’t want to change (or, if you are the one adjusting, you might find it difficult to transform some of your views). In this case, it’s worth discussing the matter and finding a solution that everyone will be satisfied with.

For example, if your company is switching to remote working, there might be different views on the best way of communication. Someone might prefer video calls while others will love emails more. In this case, try to combine the two by hosting general meetings as video calls but communicating day-to-day actions by email or messenger.

cultural transformation

#4 Remain Organized and Patient with Culture Transformation

Another thing to remember when navigating your culture transformation is that you should remain patient. There will be misunderstandings between you and others involved in the process, but you need to handle them patiently and politely. When you come upon unexpected problems, don’t panic. Instead, try to find the best solution for the issue even if it takes some time and effort to execute.

Moreover, you should also make sure to stay organized while navigating your culture transformation. You need to follow your plans closely and make sure that everyone does too.

#5 Engage at All the Levels

The key to a successful culture transformation is to engage people at all levels in the company. It’s not just the regular employees who have to go through the transformation – you need to have the managers and even the CEOs doing their own part to make sure everything is completed as planned.

You want all these people to develop the right habits that they can maintain after the transformation is complete. These habits will be the ones keeping the changes you made intact even after a long time.

#6 Track the Progress of Your Culture Transformation and Adjust

Last but not least, you need to track the progress your transformation makes and adjust to any difficult situations. Tracking progress will help you stay on course and even celebrate the milestones you achieve. This will, in turn, motivate your team a lot (or, if you are the one transforming, you will be able to celebrate your own little victories).

Likewise, as mentioned above, you shouldn’t panic in difficult situations. Any changes that you are forced to make due to the circumstances you are in can actually help you to reach your goal faster than you expected. After all, you want a successful culture transformation – not successful completion of an approximate plan you made at the beginning.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, to navigate a successful organizational culture transformation, you need to follow some common practices. Use the tips in this article and transform culture in your company or within yourself.

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