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In his bestselling book Give and Take, Adam Grant shares research showing that generosity makes you more successful at work and in life.

whether an employee is a giver, a taker, or a matcher, they can be influenced to more generous behavior by seeing a giver in action.

Most of us intuitively understand this principle, though it’s helpful to see the research that Grant shares to prove it. What’s called “peer pressure” in high school is called “emotional contagion” in the world of positive organizational scholarship.

I’ve seen this play out at every company where I’ve worked: when employees can see public evidence of colleagues helping others, they are more likely to pitch in as well. Even people inclined to give are re-energized by a generous culture. This concept can work in reverse too–apathy and selfish behavior can also be contagious.

Grant joined forces with Wayne Baker and Cheryl Baker to create Give and Take. Give and Take created Givitas, a technology platform that helps enterprises implement the principles from Grant and Baker’s research using a scalable, measurable, manageable technology.

Givitas was built to strike a balance: the platform is a protected environment with trusted colleagues but it’s also a semi-public forum where exchanges are happening in front of an audience. Anyone who is participating in the Givitas Ring (what we call our communities) can be a fly on the wall as help is given, introductions are made, and resources and advice are shared. Givitas displays the top givers and the top seekers, providing a valuable and visible cue for the generous behavior that might otherwise be happening behind the scenes.

Givitas helps making giving contagious, as people who might be less likely to give see others doing so.

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We also have a quiz you can take to assess your leadership style: are you a giver, a taker, or a matcher when it comes to your leadership style?

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