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Most people working in HR will agree that having a diverse team helps the organizations becoming more creative, innovative, and also aids in achieving better results. There is no need to even check with the stats to know that diverse recruitment contributes a great deal towards improving the overall performance of employees. You can have different backgrounds and perspectives on the team that contributes towards developing diverse ideas and can solve issues and also drive innovation. Here are some ways of improving diversity in candidate sourcing.

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Audit the job ads

One of the better ways of recruiting a diverse set of candidates is by performing an audit of the past recruitment ads and making suitable changes to talk to a greater variety of candidates. You can notice that many of the languages used are geared for specific demographics. Find methods for being more inclusive in your language for appealing to various candidates from various backgrounds. Do not be afraid of writing job ads with specific demographics in mind for boosting diversity in your recruitment strategy.

Use resources frequented by diverse candidates

One of the great methods for making sure that the available talent pool contains a range of diverse candidates is by sourcing the candidates from a range of places. Never rely on the same resources over and over while seeking new talent. You need to concentrate on resources such as PEO services to hire foreign workers. An employer of record can be used for increasing the diversity of the available talent as well as manage their payment. 

Find freelancers 

Seek opportunities for sourcing even freelancers as they might be a valuable asset for your company. Find out various platforms for hiring freelancers. For instance, you can get freelance medical writers and researchers by using a freelance platform like Kolabtree.

Encourage the existing diverse employees to refer

It is quite likely that some members of your current team have a network with people having a similar background. You can develop a diverse candidate referral program for boosting the diversity in the recruitment strategy. It can also showcase the organization’s values consisting of various ideas and backgrounds. Encourage these employees to share these job ads with their specific networks. Provide them the tools they need for promoting the organization for you. Both candidates and employees will feel that the organization is valuing their opinion and presence. It is great for employee morale.

Give the targeted group offer of internship

Several organizations have developed internal diversity programs that offer co-op positions and internships to candidates with specific backgrounds. It is a terrific way of encouraging the upcoming candidates from your industry to join your company and gather experience. You can also get in touch with community groups and schools in the area to connect with the students. Many times, these communities have their programs for encouraging growth. You can team up with these initiatives to both giveback and benefit from the diverse candidates.

Develop a brand that showcases the diversity angle

Probably the best method for boosting the diversity in your sourcing for candidates is by organically creating an employer brand that values people from several walks of life. Talk about the significance and advantages of diversity in your team meetings. Get their opinions and engrain all these values to develop your company culture. In the process of doing these things, you will start to develop a brand that is popular due to its diverse values. Encourage the current employees to talk about this aspect of your organization. You can record their stories and include them in the corporate personality to promote the brand. Keep in mind that the diverse candidates are also seeking organizations that value these ideals.


It is one thing to claim that there is diversity in your company recruitment process but it is quite another to live by these values every day. Therefore, you need to proactively implement different organization policies that will appeal to a diverse set of candidates. You can consider including more religious holidays and community events etc. Allow more flexible working hours that provide an opportunity for the candidates to get involved with the communities. Significantly, you encourage your diverse employees to speak up in case they feel certain policies are hindering their diversity.


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