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Most nonprofit organizations have honorable missions.  Meanwhile, nonprofit leaders often face financial challenges, and the pandemic has worsened the situation.Recommendations on how to attract donors to nonprofit projects without face-to-face contact are quite helpful.

The lockdown has influenced the business world significantly. Charitable initiatives are among the most vulnerable projects. On one hand, they are in demand due to the social and economic issues caused by the coronavirus. On the other hand, many nonprofits seriously lack financial resources and volunteers.

How to attract donors: tips for nonprofit leaders

The post-lockdown world has changed people’s lives. A lot of enterprises have been able to seamlessly bring business online, while others have struggled. Over the last six months, we have rarely communicated face-to-face and instead opt for virtual chats and video conferences.

This new mode of business has become a serious problem for nonprofit organizations.

Without offline meetings, conferences, presentations, it has become challenging to attract donors.

Read 8 ways to engage and attract nonprofit members.

New conditions require new progressive solutions.

#1 Clarify your awesome mission.

Rest assured that your mission is convincing enough. Reflecting the purpose of the organization, it has to motivate volunteers and donors. People need a powerful idea to follow.

#2 Promote your organization online.

Your online presence helps to solve the following issues:

  • Informs the future donors and volunteers about your organization.
  • Keeps current donors engaged in present events of the company.
  • Convenient online donation tools improve the payment process.

For this purpose, you can use:

  • a website,
  • social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

The best strategy is to combine both of these online instruments. By doing so, you get popularity fast. The internet opens wide opportunities for promoting your nonprofit projects.

#3 Update your blog.

It is easy to update the website or a social media account with the help of the blog. Use the blog to talk about the news and results of the work. You get more chances to win donors’ attention if your organization is active and progressive, and you showcase your success stories.

#4 Connect to nonprofit platforms.

A Facebook account can be connected to GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles. This platform aggregates data in the nonprofit sphere. One can find information on resources, support, products, nonprofit profiles there. It is a perfect website to present your organization.

#5 Use crowdsourcing.

You can find financial resources or volunteers on crowdsourcing platforms: @HopeMob, Start Some Good, Indiegogo, etc.

#6  Create a Givitas group.

Invite existing and potential donors to join a private Givitas group where they can exchange help and information. You can also use the announcement feature to inform them about crucial events and the latest updates in your nonprofit organization. Thus, they can feel themselves as a part of something great.

#7 Make a personal appeal to donors.

Try to avoid templates and write an individual message to every donor (or at least to the higher-contributing donors). By doing so, you show your appreciation and respect. You can also send emails or mention your contributors in posts.

#8 Search for partners online.

You can search for new donors online. Use keywords related to your sphere. Say, something like “donors for education nonprofits.” Pay attention to the advanced search on LinkedIn. Its “Recruiting for Good program” helps users to meet volunteers.

Summing up

The main method of engaging donors and volunteers is to establish reliable relations. The assignment of a nonprofit leader is to convey the importance of the charitable project. When a potential donor emphasizes with the charity, the donor will improve the reputation and build a socially responsible brand, as well as do some good.

Thus, to create trust, adhere to transparent and clear methods of cooperation. Believe in your noble mission and demonstrate the results of your work. You can easily do it all with the help of online tools, without face-to-face contact. Use online opportunities wisely and coherently, and you will succeed.

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