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We sent a newsletter out last week with a number of free resources for getting your daily dose of generosity, good news, and connection during this crazy time.

Quite a few of you have emailed to ask me to post it on the blog so you can find it easily. So here you go…new and expanded resources!

Science tells us that helping other people makes us feel good. It makes us healthier, and more successful. Asking for help has all the same benefits. Never have generosity, gratitude, and connection been more important. Here are a few places to bookmark when you need to find inspiration for good deeds or just need a hit of positivity.

Good News Resources

  • Upworthy has a great Instagram feed, and a website too, if you’re not on the ‘Gram.
  • The Good News Network has an archive of more than 20k good news stories, and is updated regularly. They even have an app!
  • Hopefully by now you’ve seen John Krasinski’s wonderful new YouTube channel, Some Good News
  • The TODAY Show,  MSN, and Canoe all curate good news stories when you need a quick boost
  • If you know of others, send me a note to and I’ll add them here!

Our Favorite Stories

At Give & Take, we’re also using our social media channels to amplify good news, free resources, and stories of generosity and gratitude. Follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, and/or Facebook for curated good news.

Here are a few of our favorite stories of generosity, gratitude, and paying it forward over the last few weeks. These are all things you can get involved in or easily do yourself.

  • The kids alright: an incredible group of 7th grade boys from CT have used their quarantine time to create a kindness website where people can upload pics and descriptions of acts of #CoronaKindness. They have a daily challenge and a blog.
  • Supporting incarcerated people: Most prisoners on lock down with no outsider contact or PPE. The Prison Creative Arts project lets you view work by 600+incarcerated artists and send the artists messages of encouragement.
  • Sidewalk chalk messages of support: This was in our hometown of Ann Arbor, MI, but anyone, anywhere could leave messages of support for healthcare workers, grocery workers, and all other essential staff.
  • If you’re bored, maybe you need something to take care of? People around the country are stepping up to foster animals as the health crisis starts to affect shelters.
  • Donate on May 5. Giving Tuesday, the organization behind the day of Giving after Thanksgiving each year, is starting a new mission: to help out nonprofits on May 5.

How We’re Helping Out

Finally, we’re trying to do our best to pitch in as well. Here’s how we are helping out during this time.

Be well, and hope you are healthy, safe, and as sane as possible!
Sarah and the Givitas team


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