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At this point, companies all over the country are using Givitas to boost culture and improve business results, and every day we’re seeing real life examples of people asking for and getting the help they need to do their jobs better. But its still exciting to see Jeff Haden write about Givitas in Inc. Magazine.

A few of my favorite hightlights:

  • Research shows that establishing a giving culture makes organizations more successful, improves employee retention, engagement, efficiency, and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Building a genuine culture of giving requires more than sprinkling the word “giving” throughout your culture deck. The real key is to make asking for help easy — and just as importantly, to make providing help easy. That’s a problem Givitas, a web-based, Saas platform, can solve.
  • The brainchild of Adam Grant and Cheryl and Wayne Baker, Givitas makes it so easy for people to ask for and provide help at work that it takes less than five minutes a day.
  • A tool like Givitas lets you bypass most meetings and allows the right people to step forward — or to recommend the right person. (Everyone you know knows someone you should know.)
  • “The reality is, your colleagues are not your enemies,” Larry Freed says. “They’re not the ones you have to ‘beat.’ Working together is what helps you win.”
  • “Saving time is clearly a benefit,” Larry says, “but so are the relationships people build. So is feeling valued and trusted. When employee engagement goes up… as research shows, that has a huge bottom-line impact.”

Read the whole article here, and if you’re interested in learning more about Givitas, we have a few options for you.

Check out our website, schedule a demo, or if you’d like you can apply to be part of group of leaders using Givitas to exchange ideas, insights, and information on building positive workplaces.

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