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This is the first in a four-part blog series on how to build true employee engagement by using tactical programs supported by a giving culture. 

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Companies know engagement is a problem–they collectively spend more than $720 million per year on outsourced and internally-developed programs.

Yet, according to the latest Gallup research, 70% of American workers don’t like their jobs, which makes them disconnected and disengaged from their work. In fact more than half of American employees (51%) are actively looking for a job. Gallup also estimates that disengaged employees cost the U.S. up to $605 billion every year in lost productivity.

Something has to change.

The current status quo seems to be investing in employee engagement programs like wellness, recognition, and social events so that we can check off a box, without taking a higher-level strategic view toward what drives true engagement: positive, giving work cultures.

With a healthy work culture, any of these popular engagement tactics can wildly succeed. Without one, all the programs in the world will never deliver what employees truly need to thrive: good networks, high-quality relationships, the knowledge that people are willing to help if they ask, and the ability to provide help easily and efficiently to others.

Download our new ebook on how to create true employee engagement by building a sustaining a giving culture, which will make investments in traditional programs like wellness and team building deliver better ROI.

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Next post in the series: read the stats on why employee engagement is critical to your business.

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