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Creativity is not confined to a single role, profession, or industry as it is a part of our life. The modern era is demanding every single business to think outside the box and innovate in their products or services. Therefore, it’s important that we support and inspire employee creativity whereever we can.

Whether it is the IT industry, web design, and development, a shoe maker’s shop, baking outlet, or a school, they all need to be creative in their conduct and presentation. However, their employees may lean towards the routine tasks and lose their creativity over time.

To help inspire employee creativity, I am sharing 8 ideas for you to try.

  1. Offer and encourage mentors

If you instruct your employees to seek assistance from senior resources within the organization, they might not be interested.

However, they are likely to mingle more with mentors if they’re given access to the collective intelligence of the group with a tool like Givitas.

Adam Grant says,” you don’t need a mentor, you need a group of mentors. The people who have the most sage advice for your career dilemmas are also the most in demand. Seek multiple mentors with diverse expertise and experience, and you’ll get more access to better guidance.” Adam is the author of Originals: How Noncomformists Move the World.

  1. Allow flexible work to inspire employee creativity

Your employees may need space from colleagues or the boring routine. To help them think out of the box and come up with creative ideas, let them work from home every now and then. Or hey, during a pandemic, let them work from home for 9 months straight!

Certain employees are more comfortable working from home or a remote location.

On the other hand, some employees will be more inspired to creativity by working in a dynamic office environment with others. That may not be possible now, but it will be again soon.

The point is to honor and respect what kind of work environment makes individuals feel the most creative.

inspire employee creativity

  1. Add fresh graduates to the creative team

Employees that stay for longer in your company settle with the existing ideas as they are quite proficient with them. Creating new ideas and understanding the latest concepts may not be a cup of tea for them. To inspire them with creative ideas, hire and introduce a fresh graduate to their team.

Fresh grads are about to start their career so they are charged up with more energy, passion, and enthusiasm. They help their seniors in pursuit of getting in their good books too.

  1. Hold friendly discussions outside

Employees are often fed up with the official discussions over groups created on WhatsApp or Skype. To inspire them with creative thoughts and positive vibes, take them to the nearest park. Set a simple gathering with light snacks. You can have a tea party with a fireside chat where employees are free to share jokes, stories, real-life incidences, etc. let them feel happy in the company of their colleagues.

This option is also available in many places during the pandemic, as small gatherings outside with masks have been found to be much safer than indoor gatherings.

  1. Swap jobs or projects

Assigning a routine job to an employee may not compel him or her to bring out the creative self. Employees are quite comfortable with their jobs as they have shortlisted a few methods and procedures for the job.

For example, digital marketers in your company may have selected a few blogs, websites, and social media networks for promoting your products or services. They will not try other channels as long as they are getting results from their techniques.

Assigning such a job to a social media marketer may introduce your business to new social media groups. Swap the jobs of your creative team. Let them understand the designs, website management, image cropping and editing, and writing content. Similarly, you can change the projects as well. A team working on your online grocery shop can prove helpful for the designer dressing project as well.

Read: 4 steps to creating a successful job swapping program. 

  1. Modify office space and layout

We all like a change as it sets new dimensions for us.

Employees may also feel hard to generate creative campaigns and ideas if they spend all day with a grey wall in front of them without any productive quote, color, or design.

Offices that are congested or populated with employees more than its capacity may not provide a conducive environment for the creative souls. Modify your office and assign a space for coffee, playing games, and relaxing with bean bags and comfortable couches.

One day we will be back in the office again, so you have time to make these changes!

brown wooden table with chairs

  1. Encourage book reading

Push the employees to read books to broaden their vision. Suggest books about personality grooming, sales, and growth, communication, or literary masterpieces. Create a mini library onsite to issues books to employees the way a convention library does.

Check out books recommended by top innovative thinkers and leaders like Dan Pink, Malcolm Gladwell, or Adam Grant.

The positive vibe between the book lovers may inspire others to get a book and read it on the weekend. Books are still a major source of inspiration for employees.

Additionally, create a resource for the employees to download e-books and useful articles in their spare time.

  1. Conduct creativity boot camps

Plan boot camps for boosting the creativity and thought-process of your employees. Include various creative activities in the camp such as suggesting a brand name or its slogan, designing a logo or brochure, drafting a plot or character of a novel, creating different color patterns, etc.

Allow your employees to be as weird and absurd in their productions as possible. It may remove their hesitation from coining something new and the failure of rejection. Accept whatever they come up with to let them feel valued and they will try on new things in their roles.

Final words

Creativity is not always a natural gift given to an individual. It is a continuous struggle of exploring new ideas by closely observing things, objects, and incidences around us.

Your employees may join the company with a creative charge however they need to lose the charm of trying something new in fear of failure, rejection, and not getting the due credit. Take care of the work they produce and other ways I have discussed above in this post to inspire employee creativity.

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