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Employees are the building blocks of an organisation and ensure the success of a business, so it’s important to keep them happy. Human resources professionals play a vital role in strengthening business operations and enhancing employee experience. A great HR team can help you with the retention of skilled employees as well as the overall success of a company.

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1. Keep Your Team Informed

It’s important to keep your HR team informed on the latest trends and practices in their field. Attend HR related events and conferences to keep up with current events in other industries locally and around the world. This will allow your HR team to gain new knowledge and skills, giving them new insights when dealing with employee related issues. You can also invite your HR team to join a digital network of leaders who generously share advice, resources, templates, sample policies, and ideas. Here’s a good (and free) network anyone can join. 

2. Give Your Team Access to the Collective Intelligence of the Group

It’s vital to network your employees to one another in ways that promote generosity, gratitude, and connection, because research shows that doing so will actually make them work faster and more efficiently. Tools like Givitas can help. When employees have access to each other’s knowledge, advice, and resources, it makes everyone work faster, and the resulting relationships improve loyalty and retention.

3. Promote Work/Life Balance

Everyone needs time away from work. Whether it’s a family emergency, vacation or for personal development, allow your employees to take some time off. This is a good way to keep them happy and motivated.

Support your employees in their hobbies and commitments and promote a work/life balance. One way to do this is by incorporating flexible working in the company. Let your employees pick up their kids from school and work when they are feeling the most productive. Doing so will make them feel valued and realise they are working for a company that supports their lives outside of work.

4. Plan Social Functions

Plan company events and parties, and allow your employees to invite their families. Not everything has to be work-related when it comes to earning employee loyalty. Encourage employees to socialise and network with other staff and their families! This will help your company develop a stronger connection in the workplace.

5. Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits Package

Remember to check out the job market occasionally. Make sure the wages and benefits you offer are competitive and update them if necessary. Offering wages below the industry average will discourage employee loyalty. Be open and willing to listen in wage negotiations with employees.

Include incentives such as subsidised health insurance or a clothing allowance as a part of the package. Doing so will put your company above others and will help earn employee loyalty.

6. Consider Gifts and Incentives

Give your employees something special during occasions such as birthdays or Christmas. A little gift can go a long way in leaving a lasting impression on your employees. It will also show how much you appreciate your team.

You can also incorporate incentives in the workplace. Reward good work by giving high achievers something special. This will bring in friendly competition amongst employees and encourage them to maintain the quality of work produced.

7. Attract and Retain Quality Management

Your management should always provide employees with clear expectations and goals. Be transparent about potential promotions or rewards when they achieve these goals. Provide constructive feedback to help with career growth and let your employees know when they’ve done a good job.

Employees are often unmotivated to succeed or remain in a role when there is poor management and a lack of progression guidelines. Ensure management is of a high standard by providing training and developing their people skills. Hold them accountable if they fail to check up on employees or provide regular feedback.

8. Provide Clear Opportunities for Career Growth

Promote your employees from within your company. Set out milestones or goals for employees to achieve. Provide adequate training to employees and give them responsibilities they are ready for. Offer employees opportunities to showcase leadership and skills.

Recruiting new employees for higher roles is necessary from time to time, but don’t ignore your current ones. Loyalty goes both ways! Be loyal to your employees that have developed in-house and they will be loyal to you.

9. Focus on Creating Outstanding Company Culture

Create an environment where everyone feels proud to work for your company. Employees should feel safe, valued and included. They shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves in the workplace or forced to be someone they are not.

Ask your employees for feedback on the company culture. Create surveys and let them submit their answers anonymously. This way you’re provided with true opinions and what actions can be taken to improve this.

10. Keep the Workload Manageable and Meaningful 

Track the hours your employees work. Check to see if they are working too much or too little, and investigate further on the outliers. An excessive workload can create work stress for some employees. Too little work may result in boredom and a disincentive to do work efficiently. Again, it is important to maintain a strong work/life balance.

Employees who are often doing repetitive and boring work will feel demoralised and undervalued. So, it’s important to provide opportunities for employees to do engaging and meaningful work. Be supportive and encourage your employees to attend technical training and professional development courses. Doing so will prepare them to take on new responsibilities!

11. Recognise Good Work

Recognise and reward a job well done to boost their morale. Set an expectation that meeting goals and milestones will result in a reward. Recognition doesn’t always have to be in the form of a material gift or a bonus. A simple note to say well done or thank you could be enough to make employees feel valued and appreciated.

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