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Givitas is not like any other platform you’ve used before to connect with other people for two main reasons:

  1. It’s a purpose-built platform rather than a general-use platform. Givitas has a specific goal in mind–encouraging and enabling people to ask for help and give help at work. We have lots of information available on the personal and professional benefits of asking for help and helping others, and the fact is, the platforms we use now for communication (Facebook, Slack, Yammer, email, etc) are wonderful and useful for many, many things, but they just don’t succeed at providing a safe, efficient, and effective place for the specific exchange of help at work. Givitas is a specialized tool for a specialized issue. Just as your home toolbox needs a hammer AND a screwdriver (or two or three) AND a wrench, your work communication toolbox needs a general communication tool (email), a general collaboration platform (Slack or Yammer), and a knowledge collaboration platform (Givitas).
  2. Unlike those other platforms, we want you to spend as little time as possible in Givitas. We say “5 minutes a day,” but in truth, for many people, 5 minutes a week is enough. Facebook, Slack, email…all of those communication methods only work if you spend a lot of time using them. If you don’t park yourself there or at least check in constantly, you just miss too much to make them useful. That is by design. Givitas has a different design–efficiency. We want you in and out very quickly just a few times a week so that you can get your work done and make progress on the things you were asking for help with. We have smart notifications and robust alerts so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

So what do these two things mean for you in practical terms if you’re using Givitas?

  1. If you put a request out there, it may take a few days to get responses. That feels like an eternity for those of us used to instant likes and comments on Instagram and Facebook. An answer always comes! (And if you’re worried about how to construct questions so they have the best chance of being answered, use our SMART guide  contained within the platform).
  2. We are looking for quality over quantity–your ring may only have a few requests a week. That’s ok…we want the requests to represent real needs. Even with only a few requests a week, you, your colleagues, and your company are saving potentially millions of dollars a year in wasted time and effort, not to mention making deeper connections, increasing your social capital, and saving a lot of frustration.
  3. You don’t have to worry about checking in on Givitas or missing anything. Ever. We do ask you to look at the email notifications and skim those–everything you need is right there.

We’re building a different kind of platform with Givitas, one that gives you all the advantages of being connected to people for help but without the time that usually goes along with that functionality. We’d love to hear what you think. Drop us a line at

Meanwhile, we have a few new assessment tools if you’re interested in learning more about yourself and your team. Take one or all of our quizzes.

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