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I try to keep track anytime someone sends us a note or writes an article about us, and I wanted to share some of the things we’ve heard. We’re finding that buyers, users, and experts appreciate a few core things about Givitas:

  • Purpose-built: Givitas has one job, and it does it well: to facilitate the exchange of help and advice. By having a clear focus, Givitas cuts out a lot of the noise of general-purpose platforms and becomes more useful and efficient.
  • Creates safety: Givitas creates a safe place to ask for help, where you don’t have to be embarrassed or worry that anyone will think less of yo.u.
  • Promotes efficiency: Givitas has features that make it fast and easy . . . most people spend less than 5 minutes a week.
  • Easy to use: It’s easy to use, with no learning curve
  • Great ROI: Givitas drives not only individual efficiency and happiness, it improves bottom line business results.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what others are saying about us below.

Givitas recommendationsEXPERTS

  • “The hallmark of any great work culture is that people care as much about each other’s success as their own. Many organizations never reach that level of ‘productive generosity’, and it’s not because people aren’t willing to give. It’s because they’re afraid to ask for help. Givitas reduces the stigma of asking for help and enables people to give in five minutes a day.“ ~Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take: How Helping Others Drives Our Success
  • “In a world where poor knowledge-sharing costs Fortune 500 companies $31.5 billion annually, Givitas’ potential positive impact on employers is clear.” ~Forbes Magazine
  • “Givitas can make asking for and getting help from other employees simple – which can make your business a lot more efficient and effective.”~Inc Magazine


  • “Givitas is a great example of a tool that can help drive real cultural change in an organization. It is a tangible way to encourage employees to share knowledge and clear hurdles for each other while reducing the time and disruption to busy schedules to do so. While it’s powerful within teams, it really shines as a cross-organization tool that connects subject matter experts across the company to get the right answers to simple questions in minutes instead of chasing the answers for days. It’s not often that a business tool comes along that can both improve productivity and make the office a better place to work at the same time, but Givitas is such a tool!” ~ Technical Delivery Lead at a Fortune 100 Insurance Company
  • “We implemented Givitas with a geographically and departmentally dispersed group charged with driving new product and service innovation. Givitas really helped us improve knowledge sharing and collaboration across this team while speeding up innovation and building stronger connections.” ~Organizational Effectiveness Lead at a Fortune 100 Financial Company
  • “Givitas is an easy-to-use tool with an unbeatable ROI. The system more than achieves what is was created to do: facilitate engagement, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. But what makes it even more exceptional is that Givitas has no learning curve. Most tools that are supposed to help you be more efficient require considerable time and coordination for implementation and training – but with Givitas, you can use it instantly and immediately to see the benefit, solve real business problems and make personal connections outside your immediate network. Every company that is serious about positive engagement and facilitating insights across the organization should be using Givitas.” ~Kiran Chaudhri Lenz, Director, Business Operations Program Management at GTB
  • “[Givitas] is a tool that helps build bridges across an organization and makes it easier for both newcomers and senior leaders to ask for – and offer – help!”~Maggie Bayless, Zingermans


  • “As an asker, spending just a few minutes in the Givitas platform saved me at least 2-4 hours of work and up to $1000 by generating new ideas I might not have thought of on my own. I made the following request: “I’m working on revising a program on Empathetic Leadership. Would you share some of the toughest questions that come to mind when you hear this topic? This will help me ensure I am covering a variety of angles and addressing tough questions people are sometimes reluctant to raise. The tougher and more complex the question, the better. Thank you!” 19 givers offered a total of 39 useful ideas in just 13 days. I was struck by the quantity and variety of targeted suggestions that I was able to use to enhance my program. As a giver, the platform makes it easy for me to contribute to the community and serves as a reminder that we all benefit from support. It also strengthened my network, introducing me to colleagues whose work intersects, could lead to future partnerships and with whom I would not have come into contact with otherwise. “ ~Patricia Bravo, Bravo for You
  • “A successful CPA referral also advanced our startup process, gaining me credibility with my board. Worth a lot as a new founder!” ~Abigail Noble
  • “Overall, Givitas is a great experience – it was awesome connecting with and meeting new people who have shared interests, and I was able to get some answers to questions that would have otherwise taken me weeks to research.” ~Tim Blomfeld, Project Leader at BCG
  • “The simplicity of sharing, helping, and learning in a fairly closed group is liberating and profound. “~ Givitas User
  • “By joining Givitas, I am learning from others how to seek help, not to be ashamed and how to put forth the request for help. Giving help comes much easier to me naturally., but asking for help is hard. I am learning everyday on this platform. Thank you Givitas.” ~ Givitas User
  • “Givitas gives me practice in having a giver’s mentality, and is an opportunity to make interesting connections, exercise my problem-solving skills, and maybe have some unusual requests granted that I wouldn’t elsewhere. It feels productive and satisfying. I feel smarter and more resourceful.” ~Givitas User
  • “I felt very confident in using Givitas as a forum for my question. As a consultant I  am always looked at as having the answers, Givitas allowed me an opportunity to say that I needed support. My seminar topic was one I had researched extensively already but I wanted some feedback from people in the field to ensure that my research was being presented in a way that was relatable. Givitas successfully provided me with that experience.” ~Cindy Mark, Benchmark Practice Management Consulting
  • “I received offers for all of my requests regularly; the notifications were also really helpful (including the daily digest I’m receiving); because of this process, it makes it easy for me to collaborate with the other leaders from different centers.” ~Givitas User

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