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There’s been a lot of news in the last year about how social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have almost addictive qualities. Since their business models depend on ad revenue, it’s in their interest to keep you parked in the platform, reading an endless stream of updated content and waiting on likes and comments. The more attention a platform can command, the more ads they can sell and the more they can charge for those ads. It’s a business model that has worked incredibly well.

In the work universe, collaboration tools like Slack, Yammer, and HipChat rely on constant engagement and notifications. They’re not showing you ads, but these platforms rely on you having them open and/or letting them ping you so you never miss a thing. Depending on the size of your group, a couple of hours away from your desk can result in a backlog of messages too large to catch up with. Although they’re designed to keep you constantly engaged so you won’t miss anything, it’s a given that you will definitely miss things.

All of these platforms (social media, collaboration tools, etc.) are what we call “general use” platforms, and they play a huge and important role in modern life. The secret is knowing what they’re good for and where you need to supplement with purpose-built communities to help you achieve very specific goals.

Collaboration tools like Slack and Yammer play an important role in today’s work environment. In fact, we use one here at Give and Take. They can be helpful for specific things like:

  • Instant messaging (chat-based workspace)
  • Project collaboration
  • Small team collaboration
  • File sharing
  • Simple communication (1-1 video, group calls with screen sharing)

Givitas, on the other hand, is not for general use. It is purpose-built for asking for and giving the help, advice, connections, and resources that are the hallmark of a culture of productive generosity.

Givitas is a community platform that integrates with these other tools but serves a much more specific, purposeful function, which means it is able to achieve more success.

Givitas is useful for companies interested in:

  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Building and/or sustaining a culture of productive generosity
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Creating a sense of community and happiness at work
  • Helping employees build social capital
  • Encouraging cross-silo collaboration and communication
  • Building high-quality connections
  • Fostering a giving and collaborative culture

While other technology platforms are designed to be sticky (thriving by monopolizing as much of your time as possible), we designed Givitas to do the opposite – to be efficient. We want your employees in and out in five minutes a day or less so they can do their work more efficiently and effectively–and help others do the same.

When you try to use general purpose platforms to create a culture of productive generosity, it doesn’t work. There’s too much noise, it’s too easy for a request to be missed, and often people don’t feel safe putting themselves out there in the same way. A dedicated system for seeing help reduces the stigma of asking for help and provides a safe place to do so. It also increases the frequency of asking for and giving help because people know where to go.

Givitas was built with functionality that supports its unique and specific goals. General purpose platforms don’t have capabilities like request status, due dates, archiving of completed requests, upvotes and thank yous for good answers, etc.

Read our blog post on What to Expect from Givitas. 

Givitas also has analytics provide value to both the organization and the individuals participating in the community, such as highlighting the top givers, those who are making the most requests, topics that participants need the most help with, overall success rates, time saved, improvements in overall social capital, etc.

The good news is that Givitas integrates with other social platforms such as Slack and Yammer so that you can take the best of those platforms and supplement them with capabilities that will actually change your culture.

We’d love to show you how Givitas can complement your existing collaboration and communication tools but do a better job supporting a strong and collaborative culture.

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