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We know there are thousands of professionals and academics out there who are passionate about building and sustaining positive, collaborative, giving workplaces. We also know that those of us working toward these goals tend to be “givers,” freely offering our time, connections, introductions, or help to people who need it.

We’ve created a collaboration platform just for you. Givitas for Leaders is an application-only social network that was created specifically for people like you to ask help and offer help to others with similar business values.

Givitas for Leaders

There are a number of groups that already exist for us to connect with one another. Here’s why Givitas for Leaders is different:

  • Givitas for Leaders is purpose-built for asking and giving help. It’s not cluttered with announcements, self-promotion, and advertisements. It is single purpose: building a  culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing among leaders with similar values and interests.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes a week to keep up and participate. Because Givitas for Leaders has such a specific purpose, you don’t have to check in frequently to stay on top of things. You’ll get content-specific notifications when there’s a request you might be able to help with, so you don’t need to check in the way you do with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Slack.
  • It has limited membership, which means it’s a “safe” environment for you to ask for help or advice. After all, many of us are good at being givers, but need some practice asking for help.
  • It will help you work more efficiently. Research shows the average American spends 10 hours a week looking for information they need to do their job. Givitas for Leaders gives you access to a network of professionals who can help with some of your biggest challenges if you’ll let them.
  • Givitas for Leaders helps you expand your network and increase interactions with leaders in the space.
  • This group is free and it always will be!

We are accepting applications for new members of this already healthy and thriving community. To find out more and apply to join this free group, click here.

Givitas forLeaders

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