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Our team works hard to make Givitas functional and easy to use; in fact, it’s simple interface and low learning curve is one of the things people like best about it:

“Givitas is an easy-to-use tool with an unbeatable ROI. The system more than achieves what is was created to do: facilitate engagement, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. But what makes it even more exceptional is that Givitas has no learning curve. Most tools that are supposed to help you be more efficient require considerable time and coordination for implementation and training – but with Givitas, you can use it instantly and immediately to see the benefit, solve real business problems and make personal connections outside your immediate network. Every company that is serious about positive engagement and facilitating insights across the organization should be using Givitas.” ~Kiran Chaudhri Lenz, Director, Business Operations Program Management at GTB

Two Awards!

That’s why I’m excited to share that Givitas has won two awards from a trusted platform for software reviews called Finances Online. Givitas won the Premium Usability and Rising Star awards. In an email to us announcing the award, Finances Online said they are recognizing our “unwavering efforts to help businesses tear down the walls of bureaucratic clutter in order to foster a generous and highly collaborative work environment.”

Givitas aims to foster a positive work environment for each of our customers through our knowledge collaboration solution, and we are delighted to receive confirmation that we’re on the right track. As written in the review team’s description, our platform is able to bridge the gap between employees and empower them to provide generous assistance to their peers, which in turn improves employee efficiency and employee retention.

FinancesOnline also detailed several ways Givitas can improve the work environment. This includes knowledge sharing, detailed analytics and metrics, and flexibility for various industries.

Givitas also landed a spot in the top 12 collaboration tools and earned the Rising Star award for its outstanding customer reception in the market.

Write Your Own Review

If you are already a Givitas user, please feel free to post your own review of Givitas, as we would like to hear how we were able to help transform your work environment.

Meanwhile, if you’re not a Givitas user and would like to try it out, you can apply to be part of a private, invitation-only group called Givitas for Leaders or you can feel free to schedule a demo.

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