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Summary: At Givitas, we want you to spend less time in our platform, not more. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Givitas Ring while minimizing the time you spend!

Last month Larry Freed wrote a post about the difference between general use platforms  like Facebook, Slack, and Yammer, and purpose-built platforms like Givitas.

While other technology platforms are designed to be “sticky” (thriving by monopolizing as much of your time as possible), we designed Givitas to do the opposite – to be efficient. We want you and your employees in and out in five minutes a day or even five minutes a week so they can do their work more efficiently and effectively–and help others do the same.

This key difference means you’re going to use Givitas a little differently, and I wanted to share some best practices.

  1. Schedule some time every day or every week to check in with your Givitas community and either make a request for help or offer help to someone else. My own practice is to check in every morning when I get my system email. For some communities that are less active, it may require only 5 minutes per week.
  2. Challenge yourself to ask for help with something every week or two, even if it’s uncomfortable for you. Asking for help takes practice for those of us who have been taught to be self-reliant givers, but a community needs askers to thrive. Here is a list to some ideas for what to ask for.
  3. Don’t worry if you make a request that doesn’t immediately get offers or comments. Remember, this isn’t like Facebook and people aren’t immediately notified when you have a need. It may take a few days, but in my experience, some kind of resource always comes through. As my colleague Cheryl Baker always says, “trust the network!”
  4. Think about what kinds of help you are most comfortable offering, and try to go outside your comfort zone to offer a different kind of help. Here’s a quiz to help you identify what kind of giver you are and where you can stretch.
  5. Be generous with your upvotes so that people know when they are on the right track with an answer.
  6. Similarly, be generous with your thanks, which is an easy and natural response for an offer of help. Givitas provides a easy way to say “thank you,” with pre-populated words of gratitude or a box to write a custom message.
  7. After you’ve received an offer, make sure you rate it with one, two or three stars so that if someone has a similar question in the future, they can see which answers were most useful for you.
  8. If you see a request that you know someone else in your organization can help with, tag them in an offer by using the @ symbol. For example: @Sarah You worked on a project very similar to what @Joe needs in his request, do you have any materials that you could provide to him?”. Sarah will receive a notification that she was tagged in an offer and to login to Givitas to view more.

We’d love to hear your tips or idea on how you use Givitas Let us know in the comments or by emailing

In the meantime, take one of our self-assessments to learn more about your giving style and your company culture.

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