How to Ask for Help at Work


5 New Changes to Givitas!

You asked, and we listened! The winter holiday season is underway, and we’re excited to announce that we have made some changes in Givitas to make it easier for you to ask for help, offer help to [...]


The Five-Minute Favor

  What Is the Five-Minute Favor? Coined by esteemed professor at Wharton University Adam Grant in his bestselling book Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, the “five-minute [...]


The Give and Take Manifesto

We believe in generosity at work. The research shows (and our experience bears out) that when we are helpful to others at work, our job satisfaction, health, sense of wellbeing, work product, [...]


10 Ways to Avoid Giver Burnout

Most of the people who tend to be drawn to Givitas and to the work of Adam Grant and Wayne Baker tend to be givers who want to empower and enable their teams to be more generous with each other [...]


The ROI of Recognition in the Workplace

Today’s people leaders are learning that perks don’t do it. Great talent is attracted to culture, values, and good managers that enable them to do their best work. A core of good management is [...]


10 Reasons to Say Thank You at Work

How often do you say thank you? You might not be saying it as often as you think. A study published in May in the journal Royal Society Open Science has found that when we ask for an object, [...]


The Lost Art of Asking for Help

We talk a lot about asking for help. When we started Give and Take, we thought it might be hard getting people to take the time to offer help. What we’ve found is that people are usually [...]


5 Ways to Help Your Staff . . . Ask for Help

The following post is an excerpt from a new ebook authored for Give and Take by Dr. Baker called How to Ask for Help. This post is the third post in a three-part series; read the first here and [...]


How Fear of Asking for Help Follows Us From School to Work

Last week I attended a meeting at my kids’ middle school and stopped to look at the student artwork on display. The 8th graders had just finished a project where they illustrated and [...]

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