Knowledge Collaboration: the New Business Imperative


How Givitas Can Help Customer Success Teams

I’ve worked with and managed a number of customer support teams over my career, and the great teams blend art and science every day to solve customer problems, ensure high adoption rates, [...]


The Give and Take Manifesto

We believe in generosity at work. The research shows (and our experience bears out) that when we are helpful to others at work, our job satisfaction, health, sense of wellbeing, work product, [...]


4 Challenges of Sales Onboarding (and One Solution!)

Onboarding new sales people is a challenge facing every sales leader. According to Training Industry Magazine: “Every extra day reps spend ramping is a day the company loses money. Between long [...]


4 Reasons You Should Expand Your Network

In his bestselling book Give and Take, Adam Grant argues that there are distinct disadvantages to reaching out only to people we already know for advice or assistance: We’re missing out of a rich [...]


3 Reasons Customer-Facing Employees Need to Collaborate

Great customer support and service teams blend art and science every day to solve customer problems, ensure high adoption rates, reduce churn, encourage renewals, and enable upsells. The art of [...]


4 Effective Collaboration Techniques for Sales Teams

Sales is inherently competitive. And to some degree, it should be. Competition motivates many sales personalities to do their best. But sales can and should also be collaborative, and contrary to [...]


Best Practices for Givitas Community Members

Summary: At Givitas, we want you to spend less time in our platform, not more. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Givitas Ring while minimizing the time you spend! Last month [...]


5 Drawbacks to Traditional Sales Collaboration Techniques (and What Really Works!)

Summary: Salespeople need information almost every day that can help them close deals. Givitas can help large, distributed sales teams collaborate on knowledge, move faster, and sell more.  I’ve [...]


How Fear of Asking for Help Follows Us From School to Work

Last week I attended a meeting at my kids’ middle school and stopped to look at the student artwork on display. The 8th graders had just finished a project where they illustrated and [...]

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