How To Help Your Team Improve Productivity Quickly

Every organization is looking for ways to achieve their goals in a shorter time, to improve productivity without sacrificing the work quality. When you want to improve productivity, the buck [...]


The Link Between Employee Wellbeing and Customer Satisfaction During COVID

Employee wellbeing and customer satisfaction are very closely linked. Understanding the relationship is of utmost importance during a crisis. After all, businesses and employees need all the help [...]


Givitas Has New Features and a New Look! [UPDATES]

We’re constantly improving Givitas with two goals in mind: Making Givitas easier and more efficient to use so you can quickly get what you need and generously help others in no time Encouraging [...]


Converting the Corona Crisis into a Competitive Advantage

As organizations resume operations, they risk leaving behind valuable lessons. Smart organizations will mine their crisis experience to discover crucial lessons and create a significant [...]


10 Ways a Collaborative Culture Helps Employees

Extensive research shows why building a sustainably collaborative culture is good for companies. It makes companies more efficient, innovative and productive. But there are huge benefits for [...]


Dispatches from the Wall Street Journal’s Women in the Workplace Conference

Although women and men graduate from college and enter the workforce at roughly equal numbers, men outnumber women 2 to 1 when it comes to getting promoted into their first manager role. That [...]


How to Make Your Workplace 10x More Productive in 10 Days (or Less)

Think that a team of dedicated employees is all you need to create a successful business? Think again. Commitment is great, but it doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t translate to [...]


3 Ways to Drive Energy in Your Workplace

Understanding how energy works within an organization is key to discovering and developing innovation. One of our co-founders, Professor Wayne Baker, has a new article in the Annual Review of [...]

How to Build a Collaborative Sales Organization

Sales organizations are, by their very nature, competitive. Encouraging friendly rivalry, publicizing sales rankings, and giving performance-based awards can all be effective sales management [...]


The 2 Factors Sapping Your Team of Energy, Productivity, and Happiness

Welcome to 2019! As we head into the new year, there are two core factors keeping our teams from excellence: 1. Your employees are wasting time and energy today trying to find answers that exist [...]

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