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Welcome to 2019! As we head into the new year, there are two core factors keeping our teams from excellence:

1. Your employees are wasting time and energy today trying to find answers that exist within their networks.


They can’t do it with Slack, Teams, Yammer, Facebook, or email . . . those channels are too noisy and crowded, constantly bombarding them with activity and notifications They can’t always do it informally (at the water cooler or printer) because they may not know who to ask, or they may be afraid to ask, fearing that they will look inexperienced or uninformed.  Your team is collectively wasting hundreds or even thousands of hours that could be reclaimed and dedicated to killing it at work!

Solution: Givitas is purpose-built for asking for and offering help. Adopting Givitas sends a clear signal that your organization supports asking for help and making it easy to be a giver on less than 5 minutes a day. Givitas has features and functions that don’t exist in general-purpose platforms and are specifically designed to encourage asking for and offering help, including:

  • Features, functionality, and UX designed to make a safe space for people to ask for help.
  • Features that make it easy and productive to be helpful and generous.
  • Metrics and analytics on usage, time saved, and more.
  • The ability to sort and filter by request date, whether a request is open or closed, does or doesn’t have any offers, when it’s needed by, and by #hashtag keywords.
  • A searchable organizational memory not available reliably today in any general-purpose platforms with the best answers clearly rated.
  • Education on how to make a request and the importance of asking for help and being a generous giver.
  • Functionality that supports gratitude and trust.
  • Most users spend less than 5 minutes a day on Givitas, (some spend less than 5 minutes a week!), a minimal investment that makes them more efficient, productive, and effective at work.

2. Your team is eager to feel supported in their work, they want to trust their employer and colleagues, many want to feel connected to a larger whole, and all employees should feel engaged in doing their work with ease and mastery.

In every single organization around the country, there are lots of  us who want work itself to be different — more supported, trusting, connected, and meaningful. We seek collaboration over competition. Achieving greatness over mediocre progress. Inspiring ideas over pencil-pushing policies. We are always striving to do better, even when we’re already killing it. We’re on the lookout for new ideas — ideas that can transform our teams, making them (and us) the best we can be. 

Solution: Unlike general-purpose platforms, Givitas drives high-quality connections, boost culture, reinforces gratitude, and makes employees happier and healthier at work. Research has proven that connecting employees in this way (asking for and offering help) has organizational and individual benefits:

  • Organizational benefits include making employee more effective, efficient, innovative, agile, and overall better performers. Givitas boosts your business and improves your culture.
  • Individual benefits of asking for and offering help include making employees more fulfilled, happier, engaged, satisfied, and even healthier.

None of the collaboration or knowledge sharing tools you’re using today can achieve this goal by themselves.

We’d love to show you what we’ve got so you can kick off 2019 with a happier, more productive, and more energetic workforce. 

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