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We’re constantly improving Givitas with two goals in mind:

  1. Making Givitas easier and more efficient to use so you can quickly get what you need and generously help others in no time
  2. Encouraging gratitude, generosity, connection and trust. 

Today, we’re announcing major functionality updates as well as a new look and feel.

The new and improved Givitas platform makes it easier and faster for you to exchange help and connect with others. Here are some of our new features.

Here’s how our new homepage looks.



New and improved filters

We want Givitas to be fast and easy to use.

To that end, we’ve improved our filters so that you can quickly search unread requests, items that are due today, or requests that don’t have any offers yet. You can also search by hashtag. 

Watch this to see how the filters work:



New search functionality

Our powerful search functionality turns Givitas into a repository of institutional knowledge. While a request may close once its due date has passed, it’s always searchable. Because Givitas stores  history of questions and the best answers, you’ll keep all the expertise in your organization, long after any one individual has left.

Watch this to see how to search open and closed requests:




We have also expanded the search functionality in our member directory, so you can now search by name, title, location, or any of our customizable profile fields.



Redesigned profile pages

Our new, redesigned profile pages make it easy to see how each member participates and what their interests are.


Invitations and referrals

Some of our communities are open and some are closed. In open communities, we want you to be able to easily invite or refer new members so you can share these generous communities with others. Private or closed rings do not include this feature


Some of our rings include the ability to make a private referral so that everyone can see you helped, but only the asker can see the contact details. This is useful if someone asks you for contact information that you don’t necessarily want everyone in the group to have.

Watch the video below to see how to share contact information privately.


Following and Bookmarking

Following and bookmarking allows you to keep track of requests that may be of interest. 

If you bookmark a request, it will be easier to find in the future.

Following a request means you will get notifications when people post offers of help on that request. 

Watch below to learn how to follow and bookmark.




Our proprietary analytics give you a little friendly competition . . . how are you stacking up against other members of your community in terms of asking and offering help?

Remember we all need to do BOTH asking and offering to make these communities strong.

So many of us are willing to share advice, connections, experience, and more, but we hesitate to ask for help ourselves. I’d encourage you to make a request and see how these incredible communities step up. What is taking you time at work? What is stumping you or keeping you up at night? You’ll be surprised at what resources exist when you just ask. 




Settings and Notifications

You have the ability to customize what notifications you receive, when, and in which channel you receive them.

You can even set alerts on topics of special interest. 

See the video below for a tutorial on how to customize your settings.


Mobile App

We also have a new and improved iOs mobile app, which makes it even easier for you to access Givitas on the go. Our Android app is coming soon!


We’re proud that so many thousands of people are using Givitas at companies, universities, nonprofits, associations, and more. 

We strive to make continuous improvements so that Givitas is always easy to use and feels like a safe, warm, and welcoming place to exchange help. If you have other suggestions for future improvements, please send them to

In the meantime, if you are not already a member of a Givitas community, we have a number of free communities that are available to join.

And if you’re interested in bringing Givitas on board at your company, association, nonprofit, organization, or university, we’d love to show you a demo.

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