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Last fall, we announced that Give and Take was venture-backed and had received $2.2 million in funding. Today, we’re excited to announce today that Givitas is out of beta and ready for prime time.

Givitas is featured on Product Hunt today!

Read the press release about Givitas.

Read Adam Grant’s article in Fast Company.

We’ve been building and testing and working with great organizations in the private, nonprofit, and academic sectors, and we’ve made a product that is easy-to-use and intuitive, making it easier to ask for help at work and quick and easy to offer help to a coworker.

Asking for help and giving help are flip sides of the same coin–you can’t really have one without the other. And both are important for everyone to practice. After all, people who are givers at work are more successful, and people who are willing to ask for help when they need it have happier work lives, not to mention being more trusted and highly regarded.

It was important to us that we make both asking and giving easy–that’s the only way to help companies build and sustain productive, generous cultures. And it’s good for companies too–in addition to all the benefits for individuals, research shows that when companies support giving cultures, they see increased employee efficiency, productivity, retention, and engagement.

“Years ago, Wayne and Cheryl Baker introduced me to the ideas behind Givitas,” said Adam Grant, Give and Take co-founder. “I started running the exercise with students, and they said it had a transformative impact on the culture of generosity I was trying to build in the classroom. Then I tried it with executives, who called it life-changing. Since then, I’ve been asked thousands of times whether there’s a platform or app to facilitate it virtually. I’m thrilled that Givitas is here to solve that problem, and make it easier for people to give and receive help.”

We’d love to show you what Givitas can do for your company culture. Schedule a demo today.

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