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You told us what you wanted, and we listened.

Givitas 2.0 launched last weekend with a host of new features that all support Givitas’ overarching mission: to be a purpose-built platform that makes asking for and giving help easy and efficient. All of the changes we’re making support that goal, making Givitas a platform that solves some of the most common business challenges without monopolizing your time. We aim to reduce the stigma of asking for help and make it easy to be a giver, all in less than 5 minutes a day.

Here are some of the changes you’ll see when you log in:

  • New Seeker/Giver views (insert screen shot): when you log into Givitas, you’re given the option of either seeking help (asking a question for yourself) or giving help (offering advice, help, connections, introductions, information, or experience to someone else).
  • Smart notifications: Our notifications are full of rich content so you don’t have to constantly be visiting the platform in order to stay up-to-date. If someone posts a new request or offers you help, you’ll see that in your notifications without needing to visit the platform unless you want to respond. Since we hope Givitas will help you work more efficiently, we want to give you as much information as possible. You can get notifications via email, text, Slack, or Yammer. If you don’t come to Givitas, we will come to you and make sure you stay in the loop.
  • Enhanced filtering: New filtering capability makes it easy to stay on top of specific topics that interest you, see only new requests, and see who the top givers and seekers are.
  • Integrations: we now have integrations with Slack, Yammer, and Okta for single sign-on.
  • Tags: you can now tag a fellow Givitas user with an @ mention and tag requests with #hashtags
  • Follow: you may see a request that interests you. Now you can follow it so that you get notifications when someone makes an offer or comment.
  • Say thank you: research shows that generalized reciprocity works better when a giver is thanked. Givitas now allows you to show gratitude with a custom thank you, which builds stronger networks and reciprocity.
  • Helpfulness ratings: Givitas now has a feature that allows the seeker to rate the usefulness of the responses they receive. This rating system will allow future seekers to use the platform as a repository of institutional knowledge with some insight into which answers were the most helpful.
  • Education: Givitas now includes education within the platform on the significant personal benefits of asking for help and offering help to colleagues.
  • Upvotes: since part of the value of Givitas is to serve as a repository of institutional knowledge, users can now “upvote” good offers, so that if someone is searching weeks or months down the road, they’ll have a sense of which answers or offers were the most useful.
  • Mobile-friendly: Since so many of us are on-the-go, Givitas is now easier to use on mobile devices.

Thanks to all our users for the wonderful feedback and support you’ve provided. We’re thrilled to see how many organizations are using Givitas on a daily basis to solve problems, share knowledge, collaborate, and build a culture of generosity in the workplace.

And welcome to all our new #SHRM18 users, and thanks for subscribing to the blog! You’ll be getting your invite to join Givitas this week.


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