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In his bestselling book Give and Take, Adam Grant’s research details three primary styles of reciprocity in the workplace:

  • Givers like to give more than they get, and they are the most successful in the workplace.
  • Takers try to get more than they give and protect their own time and talent.
  • Matchers like to carefully balance taking and giving, making sure that there is an even exchange.

Grant’s research proves that givers are ultimately the highest performers at work. The truth is that these are fluid labels, and most of us adopt our style to the situation and the culture that surrounds us. Companies need to find a way to encourage all their employees to exhibit more behaviors of givers. We believe it is possible to encourage takers and matchers to become givers if you make it easy enough.

Grant joined forces with Wayne Baker and Cheryl Baker to create Givitas, a technology platform that helps enterprises implement the principles from their research using a scalable, measurable, manageable technology.

Givitas is a scalable technology platform that integrates with existing collaboration and messaging tools to support all three reciprocity styles. Givitas encourages giving in general, regardless of motivation.  Giving behaviors will lead to a more productive and successful workforce.

Download our free ebook to review seven key lessons from the book (including this one!) and how the Givitas platform helps enterprises put them into action.

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