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Sales is inherently competitive. And to some degree, it should be. Competition motivates many sales personalities to do their best. But sales can and should also be collaborative, and contrary to conventional wisdom, these two concepts do not need to be in tension.

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After all, there are considerable benefits to the company when sales people are willing and able to ask for help without fear of looking stupid or weak:

  1. Team cohesion and performance improves. Sales people who ask for help boost their creativity, collaboration, and they tend to have a better understanding of the team’s purpose and tasks.
  2. Research shows that employee productivity is higher and turnover is lower in companies where sales people are supported in asking for and giving help.
  3. Improved operational efficiencies, product quality, and the customer experience.
  4. Individual sales people who are able to ask for help and get quick, accurate answers outperform and outsell those who don’t or won’t.

Giving help also has its benefits for companies, sales teams, and sales people: According to Wharton professor Adam Grant, corporate “givers” (the people who give freely to benefit others rather than because they expect something in return) are ultimately the highest performers and the most successful.  Givers are able to tap into a network of knowledge and resources that provides them with greater resources and knowledge than those who try to succeed in isolation.

In a recent Forbes article, a number of members of the Forbes Business Development Council recently identified the following collaboration tactics that help sales teams work better together:

  1. Leverage collaboration tech tools
  2. Establish a safe environment to discover answers
  3. Let team members crowdsource solutions to problems
  4. Hold knowledge sharing sessions

Givitas is a knowledge collaboration platform that allows sales leaders to implement all four of these ideas. Givitas is a purpose-built platform designed only for asking for and providing help. Givitas integrates with instant message, social, and collaboration tools you may already have in place (e.g. Slack and Yammer) but as a sole-purpose tool, it reduces the stigma of asking for help and makes it easy to share knowledge on less than 5 minutes a day, leaving more time for closing deals and increasing sales.

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