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Understanding how energy works within an organization is key to discovering and developing innovation.

One of our co-founders, Professor Wayne Baker, has a new article in the Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior on how to harness energy in your organization.

The article is about how understanding energy and energizing others can rally support for an innovation and aids the diffusion of an innovation in an organization.

“Emotional energy, relational energy, and organizational energy are vital factors of production. Individuals, teams, and organizations perform better when they are energized than when they are not. Positive energy shapes cultures, increases employee engagement, and boosts the innovation process.” ~Wayne Baker

In the article, Baker details three ways to make energy work for you:

  1. Develop an inspiring vision.
  2. Create positive, everyday interactions.
  3. Implement the principle of generalized reciprocity.

Read the whole article for the details (you can download a PDF on Wayne’s website).

Wayne has a book coming out early next year on the power of asking for help at work, called All You Have To Do Is Ask. Sign up here to get updates about the book and its publication date.

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