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News and views on positive business and creating a culture of helping at work.

The 2 Factors Sapping Your Team of Energy, Productivity, and Happiness

Welcome to 2019! As we head into the new year, there are two core factors keeping our teams from excellence: 1. Your employees are wasting time and energy today trying to find answers that exist [...]

#JustAskGivitas January Challenge

This year I’m making a New Year’s resolution about my work life. I’m resolving to ask for help at work more often. I head up Give and Take, and we make Givitas, the software that thousands of [...]

5 New Changes to Givitas!

You asked, and we listened! The winter holiday season is underway, and we’re excited to announce that we have made some changes in Givitas to make it easier for you to ask for help, offer help to [...]

The Five-Minute Favor

  What Is the Five-Minute Favor? Coined by esteemed professor at Wharton University Adam Grant in his bestselling book Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, the “five-minute [...]

The Give and Take Manifesto

We believe in generosity at work. The research shows (and our experience bears out) that when we are helpful to others at work, our job satisfaction, health, sense of wellbeing, work product, [...]


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