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News and views on positive business and creating a culture of helping at work.

The Give and Take Manifesto

We believe in generosity at work. The research shows (and our experience bears out) that when we are helpful to others at work, our job satisfaction, health, sense of wellbeing, work product, [...]

10 Ways to Avoid Giver Burnout

Most of the people who tend to be drawn to Givitas and to the work of Adam Grant and Wayne Baker tend to be givers who want to empower and enable their teams to be more generous with each other [...]

4 Challenges of Sales Onboarding (and One Solution!)

Onboarding new sales people is a challenge facing every sales leader. According to Training Industry Magazine: “Every extra day reps spend ramping is a day the company loses money. Between long [...]

4 Reasons You Should Expand Your Network

In his bestselling book Give and Take, Adam Grant argues that there are distinct disadvantages to reaching out only to people we already know for advice or assistance: We’re missing out of a rich [...]


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