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News and views on positive business and creating a culture of helping at work.

A Gratitude Practice that Builds Connection

Elaine Kiziah, founder of Joybook, shares weekly “soulful to-do’s” with her members. These are simple things that you can do as you go through your week — little actions or mindset [...]

The Link Between Employee Wellbeing and Customer Satisfaction During COVID

Employee wellbeing and customer satisfaction are very closely linked. Understanding the relationship is of utmost importance during a crisis. After all, businesses and employees need all the help [...]

4 Ways Your Leadership Style Impacts Sales

In any organization, sales teams play a critical role. They convert leads into paying customers, help your business grow, and make it possible to retain your existing customer base. One of the [...]

Navigating the She-Cession: The Intersectionality of Economic Uncertainty

This year has been interesting, and the changes have hit careers and work life as much as anything. While a lot of families have been affected by the sudden change in our environment, there was a [...]


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