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How to Network Using Free Givitas Groups

Whether it’s building a company or finding a job, networking is essential. Networking should be an everyday thing. Building a strong network of people is not simply about remembering people’s [...]

How to Support Working Parents as We Return to Work

The arrival of COVID-19 has changed the way companies support working parents. A couple of years ago, working from home would have been the dream, but that was when kids spent most of their time [...]

Top 3 Virtual Event Ideas for Employee Engagement

With almost 70% of full-time workers reaping the benefits of the work from home setup because of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work won’t go away when the pandemic does.  In a survey done [...]

How to Build a Positive Remote Work Culture

As we transition to more of a sense of post-pandemic sense of normalcy, organizations must understand how to build a positive, remote-work culture for their employees. We’ve had more than a [...]


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