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Join the science-backed movement: exchanging help drives ROI.

Build Culture

Give and Take’s solutions encourage collaboration, generosity and a willingness to ask for help and check your ego at the door.

Boost Business Performance

Give employees access to the collective intelligence of experts and peers by implementing Give and Take today. Knowledge collaboration improves sales, efficiency, and bottom-line business results.

How Give and Take Can Help

Give and Take helps leaders break through the bureaucratic clutter to inspire and engage teams,  improve business performance, and build positive cultures. Givitas, our software platform, transforms workplaces into communities of collaborative generosity. With Givitas, we empower your workforce to ask for advice, recommendations, introductions, and help instead of wasting time and “toughing it out.”

Generosity at work may sound radical, but it’s a principle that will help your team achieve nothing less than greatness.

Boost Business Performance

Drive business results through generosity at work? It sounds almost too easy. However, research proves you can drive employee satisfaction, engagement, efficiency, productivity, and profitability by making it easy and quick for employees to ask for and offer help to one another.

Improve Culture

Culture can make or break a company. By making it easy for employees to ask for and offer help on key projects and initiatives, you create a culture of productive generosity where people care as much about each other’s success as they do about their own. When knowledge collaboration takes less than 5 minutes a day, your team builds high-quality connections and gets their work done.

Three Steps to Create a Giving Community

Take your team from good to great with Givitas, software that helps teams collaborate and share knowledge in a unique way that is designed to encourage generosity, transform culture, and create direct, bottom-line business impact.

Assess Yourself

Take one of our free quizzes to assess your leadership style, find out what kind of giver you are, or understand your culture.

Take Action

Learn more about how Givitas can help you make your team a well-oiled machine of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and generosity!

Reap the Rewards

After implementing Givitas with a team or across your organization, use our analytics to track changes to social capital and efficiency.

Technology Based on Groundbreaking Research from Adam Grant

In 2013, organizational psychologist and Wharton professor Adam Grant took the business world by storm with his bestselling book Give and Take. The book shares a simple but profound premise: generous people are more successful at work than selfish ones.

Corporate America took notice. Leaders worldwide have flocked to the research that individuals and companies do better when organizations build and sustain a corporate culture of giving.

University of Michigan professor Wayne Baker has spent his career on research showing that a willingness and ability to ask for help is crucial to individual and team success.

These two powerhouses, along with renowned social science innovator Cheryl Baker, joined forces to create Givitas, a web-based technology platform that helps enterprises implement the principles from Grant and Baker’s research using a scalable, measurable, and manageable technology.

Adam Grant

Adam Grant

"The hallmark of any great work culture is that people care as much about each other’s success as their own. Many organizations never reach that level of 'productive generosity,’ and it’s not because people aren’t willing to give. It’s because they’re afraid to ask for help. Givitas reduces the stigma of asking for help and enables people to give in five minutes a day."

Give and Take In The News

"In a world where poor knowledge-sharing costs Fortune 500 companies $31.5 billion annually, Givitas’ potential positive impact on employers is clear."

"Givitas can make asking for and getting help from other employees simple–which can make your business a lot more efficient and effective."

"[Givitas] wants you in and out in five minutes a day, so you can do your work more efficiently and effectively–and help others do the same."

About Give and Take

In every single organization around the country, there are those of us who want work itself to be different — more meaningful. We seek collaboration over competition. Achieving greatness over mediocre progress. Inspiring ideas over pencil-pushing policies. We are always striving to do better, even when we’re already killing it. We’re on the lookout for new ideas — ideas that can transform our teams, making them (and us) the best we can be.

Are you one of us?

If so, it’s time to meet Givitas, software for leaders who want their teams to be collaborative, who want to encourage generosity, and want employees to feel safe asking for help and advice when they need it.

Givitas is a purpose-built, online platform that gives employees equal access to the collective intelligence, knowledge, experience, and expertise of their peers. By creating an environment where it’s safe and easy to ask for and offer help, Givitas enables organizations to improve culture and business performance.

None of the collaboration or knowledge sharing tools you’re using today can achieve this goal by themselves.

Learn more about how Adam Grant’s groundbreaking research can improve your team.

Learn what thousands of others have already discovered about improving team performance at work.

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