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Leverage generosity, gratitude, and trust to make your organization stronger

Happy Customers

  • "It was a deeply humanizing experience to watch one person after another, many of whom had never met, step up to help meet the need of someone else."

    Mary Ceccanese Executive Education Affiliate, University of Michigan
  • "Givitas is an invaluable tool to allow professionals to network and connect. This community has saved me an extraordinary amount of time. Thank you, Givitas!"

    Rhonda West ARDEX Americas
  • “Givitas helps build bridges across an organization and makes it easier for both newcomers and senior leaders to ask for and offer help!”

    Maggie Bayless Zingerman's

Drive Hard ROI

Give large groups equal access to the collective intelligence in under 5 minutes.  Drive bottom-line results and hard ROI.

Cultivate Community + Generosity

Our solutions foster collaboration, generosity, gratitude, and trust. Connecting online should make us feel better, not worse.

Join a Free Community!

Take Givitas for a test drive and see how it works.

Exchange help, advice, information and knowledge with other generous people.

Be a part of kinder, gentler networking.

Introducing Givitas:

The knowledge-sharing platform that drives generosity, gratitude, and trust

For Companies

Givitas gives employees and customers equal access to the collective intelligence of peers.

Research shows one request in Givitas takes 5 minutes but saves 4-8 hours and $600-2000.

For Associations and Nonprofits

Givitas is a is a new kind of social network that focuses solely on exchanging help, advice, connections, and introductions. Therefore there are no selfies, political rants, anonymity, or snark.

Givitas encourages members to share knowledge and connect. As a result, engagement, loyalty, and connection increase.

For Colleges and Universities

Academic institutions are using Givitas’ knowledge-sharing software to:

  • Encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Break down silos
  • Give everyone equal access to the collective knowledge of leaders and peers.

For Economic Development Organizations

Givitas connects investors, founders, entrepreneurs, portfolio companies, and business leaders.

Members exchange virtual help, advice, introductions, and more, building stronger relationships while saving time and money.

Increase the odds of success in the group, region, or portfolio.

For Thought Leaders, Authors, Podcasters, and Bloggers

Givitas is a kinder, gentler network. We create communities fueled by generosity, trust, gratitude, and empathy.

Members exchange help, advice, introductions. In doing so, they build engagement and loyalty to your brand and content.

  • Increase participation
  • Boost attendance at events
  • Increase subscriptions
  • Increase conversion rates

For Givitas Members

Givitas is a safe place to ask for what you need. It’s filled with generous people who want to help.

  • Save you time
  • Expand your network
  • Introduce you to new and diverse ideas
  • Solve your problems.

Three Steps to Harnessing Knowledge Sharing for ROI

Assess Yourself

Take one of our free quizzes! Assess your leadership style. Find out what kind of giver you are. Understand your company culture.

Try Givitas for Free

We have free Givitas communities you can join to see how it works. First, choose the one that’s best for you. Second, make a request, and see what happens!

Take Action

Learn more about how Givitas can transform your team into a community. Encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, and generosity!

Givitas' Knoweldge-Sharing Technology Is Based on Groundbreaking Research: Generosity Drives ROI

Our solutions are driven by research from top academics. Our co-founders include top social scientists like Adam Grant, Wayne Baker, and Cheryl Baker.

Therefore, the way we encourage uses to exchange help has individual and group benefits.

Organizational benefits include:

  • Improved business results and ROI
  • Kinder, more collaborative culture
  • Better engagement, loyalty, and trust

Individual benefits include:

  • Greater fulfillment, health, and longevity
  • Help with questions and challenges
  • Improved satisfaction and happiness
  • Broader social networks
all you have to do is ask
Adam Grant Givitas co-founder

Adam Grant

“The hallmark of any great work culture is that people care as much about each other’s success as their own. Many organizations never reach that level of ‘productive generosity.’ It’s not because people aren’t willing to give. It’s because they’re afraid to ask for help.

Givitas reduces the stigma of asking for help and enables people to give in five minutes a day.”

~Adam Grant, author of Give and Take

Give and Take In The News

"In a world where poor knowledge-sharing costs Fortune 500 companies $31.5 billion annually, Givitas’ potential positive impact on employers is clear."

"Givitas can make asking for and getting help from other employees simple–which can make your business a lot more efficient and effective."

"[Givitas] wants you in and out in five minutes a day, so you can do your work more efficiently and effectively–and help others do the same."

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